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I don't think it's relatively close. Well yeah there's also. I mean you think about the talent i mean. The giants always had talent then but able to keep that talent healthy for the most part but these offenses in these. These names that we've talked about what the giants at the skill positions. I mean think about this year. I mean how many frigging guys we said this. In the beginning of the year there was no excuse for daniel jones. But the excuse now that everybody's hurt. have kenny. Gowda use a first round. Pick on a weapon. Like cadaverous tony to have sterling shepard. Daria slayton evan. Ingram there and saquon barkley coming back healthy knowing that right there was bald. There's no excuse. But what has happened. Tony's hurt as her shepherds her barclays her. So it is crazy but i'm just talking about from the soul standpoint and that that by the way that bears team offensively they never had any weapons at basically had what alan robertson and that was it on montgomery burst onto the scene. Yeah but i mean you compare the talent on the offense of the bears to the talent on. The offense of the giants. Giants went out every single time they had a brittle offense blind and in chicago. One trubisky was there. They had a lot of guys getting hurt there as well to a mania kind of recurring theme around the league. If a guys are going to be getting hurt around your quarterback the likelihood of him being a success is going to be a little bit harder to do that. Then if you have. 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We've got monday night. Football wrapping up the week in the league and it was the saints beating the seahawks. Thirteen ten earlier replayed kevin harlan's call of what turned out to be the game winning goal late in the fourth. Here's our sounded in new orleans staff here the silence and that's our good thing to hear. It is good brian. Johnson nails different thirty three yards. How yeah well. I mean not exactly a lot of excitement there orleans called. That's how it's labeled. I don't know the announcers that doesn't sound like steve. Ribald me on cairo. he's really. I think that's the saints call. I assume that they did travel with team right. I would imagine you would think so. I don't know at this point because not everyone is. I don't think that don't think bob was shoes. In the jet announcers go to road games yet so there's still donations possible. It's possible i know. Bob papas. Traveling in carl banks. But i don't know if every team is clearly not if the jets the one thing is is that it was a competitive game it was a close game and the saints get the foreign to with that field goal nets. They do a much needed win for new orleans. For sure jameis winston a touchdown pass two hundred twenty two yards passing. The touchdown went to alvin kamara. Now here's pete carroll afterwards so his team substitute and five. Gino smith struggle only twelve of twenty two. He was sacked five times as well. I on the weather which a lot was made of this. Whatever they call it here was carol. Who's really it was just a little bit of rain. This was in response to a question about him. Attempting a fifty three yard field goal. That the killer had the distance. He just missed. It was not as difficult as we thought this. This cyclone bomb or whatever that it didn't go off you know it was. It didn't happen. Didn't happen according to him in terms of gino holding onto the ball too long. I love gino. And he's blessing this ass to do everything can to help us and and but that's the kind of decisions that you make in the game. Give you a chance to win. I don't think he was talking about holding onto and taking sacks at the wrong time in that field goal attempt back correct. That that's the thing you gotta. You gotta manage the game. That's all they want. The backup to do is manage the game. Keep us in the game. And don't make the crucial error in the fourth quarter. That's going to cost us the game and he's done that now. Three games in a row. Now i did go find when he was asked about the russell wilson situation basically he was going on this whole thing about how we're in these games. We've got chances to win these games. We've got to be better at the end of games and one reporter said. Would it be different. Russell wilson was here so we hope he was legit watching it. He was uncomfortable even before he answered. Well the if. I can almost didn't want to say reason. I'm coach russell wilson. I've been here a long time and If we didn't have russell. I probably wouldn't have been here long enough. Because all think of all the magic that he's created in the years and then went on to just praise. Russell wilson is a quarterback and blah blah blah. So it was interesting though because yes you see the clip near the managers as you said. Pooping on gino. But he really want to answer the question. And i don't know even why you would ask that question such a stupid question by the way. Hey al week. We gave buzz. Buzz games in the nfl. Yeah you took a look. I did take a look now. Thursday nights an awesome game. And i'm hoping that devante adams is going to get through cova protocol for the packers. Because it's the packers at the cardinals. You are where we do cool games on fraud. who'll game. Yeah thursday game just for thursday. Thursday is a cool game called buzzed. Game you've got your game when you guys do that buzzed game. Nobody that we don't. I don't know what he's talking about but the rest of the lineup. Not looking good as not a lot of great games as gin alright. So carolina at atlanta excited. No miami buffalo site near san francisco chicago. Pittsburgh cleveland philadelphia detroit. Tennessee i know or they have their audience at five days right warning so it's all good. It's very large barely. yes it is starts singing. Al cool game. Is that what you do. Yeah yeah you never heard actually sing it. Isolating the theme song. Yes oh yeah if you want. We'll get the music. If you wanna really just steal everything to sounds like i let me cue it up nervous. I just think that you know the you day listener. The the listener. That's in the car right now. Stuck in a parking lot.

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