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I enjoy the podcast greatly and have been working again through the back catalogue of your shows. I'm currently listening to the old episode anthology of horror volume three from last year. And i want to comment on the whole sixth finger thing the idea of having six fingers on one hand polytech is actually a dominant trait in humans and more animals actually however it is rarely expressed because the recessive gene. Four or five. Digits is the dominant gene in the population. That being said if one of your parents had the dominant gene and passed it on to you. It would be expressed so having six. Digits is not a birth defect as was stated in the podcast so considering that politics is the dominant trait it could in theory come into dominance in expression if we were to do some selective breeding that would produce more people who have this gene as dominant. Of course that would be horrific as you would essentially have to perform your genetics to do this. Since the recessive gene is is the dominant express gene and to increase the number faster. You'd want your breeding stock to have two copies of the dominant gene. So i feel that you you kind of missed out on the horrific implications of the evolved form of the character. Having six fingers a whole lot of bad crap had to happen to get there while there was also another episode where you talked about somebody who damage. They're hearing by something happening in their mouth. I'm sorry but i don't remember the name of the episode. I immediately wondered if the damage occurred for my pressure. Wave passing from the mouth up the station tube into the inner ear. Lots of people forget about this design our anatomy and the the issues that can be caused from this connection to the inner ear. I think this was in reference to our episode on The eggs remember exploding eggs or if you there right cases where somebody microwave to hardboiled egg then bid into it and it exploded like a bomb in their mouth. Finally one of the anthology of horror episodes who referred to the simpsons episode with king and kudos wanting to cook humans. That was one of one of the early. If not the first treehouse of horror episodes. Canaan coach abduct the simpsons when they are in the backyard. Barbecuing lisa becomes suspicious of the aliens. Ultimately finds the alien cooks cookbook. That implies that they are fattening up the simpsons to eat much hilarity ensues as each side continues to blow space dust off the title until they reveal that they had no intention attention of eating. The simpsons still one of the best king and koto stories in my honest opinion. Anyway keep up the great work in. Stay safe erin yeah. I recently watched the the very first treehouse episode. And this is one of them. This is back when it's it's cain kudos but also a third alien whose name i don't remember but it's the chef and its voiced by james earl jones. Oh wow i've completely forgotten that that's not in my memory at all. Yeah i think. James earl jones like they started off having a tradition of james earl jones. Being a voice actor in their treehouse episodes but it only lasted..

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