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Pastor Jeff Claytor this week on the Lutheran hour Sunday mornings at six thirty six twenty PM that is a Disney vacation you never grow up you only grow closer the power and the power of Dream Team the gift you give under the tree might feel twenty boxes but the experiences you give give the gift of magic this holiday season by partnering with boxes passionate Dream Team they make those impossible to get reservations possible and turned complicated planning into Disney dreams come true we invite you to join us on Tuesday December tenth at Ingleside walking at six thirty PM for our Disney travel all wine and one evening learn about what's new at Disney me our Dream Team and put their expertise to work planning for your vacation come ready to reserve your Disney consultation and enter our giveaway compliments of world travel visit fox world travel dot com or call eight six six go to start planning your Disney vacation don't forget to RSVP for our one evening space is limited the weather is changing and we're starting to lose daylight so in the words of house stark winter is coming that means you need to take action for the world start getting all messy and scheduling a water checkup at Richland dot com is the best action movie you can take full check your steering and suspension filters belts hoses breaks battery and a whole bunch of other things to make sure your ready for winter tires will give you free lifetime tire rotation we flat tire repair in a free lifetime tire bounce warranty with every tear we sell and install remember car components eventually wear out over time and going from summer to winter and back to summer doesn't make it any easier especially when you have over eighty thousand miles on your car be safe buckle up and hang don't what the night can catch you this winter hi Brett match your ridgelines your due for service great to have you here on the Clark Howard show where it's about you learning ways to keep more of what you may you know when you have a question for me you go to Clark dot com slash ask you can pose that question.

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