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The show is proudly sponsored by trying to call DOT COM. The leaders in checklist based trading strategy. Yes that's exactly how it sounds. I'll teach you a literal checklist so you can take off autumns and be decisive very quickly. Get across to try to COBB DOT com where there's a bunch of free content there. You'd have a look at and of course if you're interested didn't having may come to your city. Click Register for the live events coming up and feeling fast have a great day visit. TRY TO CALL DOT COM now. Get everybody welcome to the Show Cracker Day wherever you are in the world and we'll take you through what's going mile is in the market right now. I think I go to say you know I have been waiting quite patient Cosimo sweaty from my opportunities and dump today and Watch watch this phone. It's been pretty slow for while when it comes to try and unite always tried it's better knowing when to be in wind and not being and you know we've seen the market gyrate a little bit but not really fully through too much more than just a bit of a you know a bit of Russians so it's going to be interesting to see what goes on today of course Hussein same bitcoin today having actually having tested that ten thousand level and where do we go from here very good question may how we answer that well Manson dance that was time. We don't really know what I can't tell you is this from from the loads of the high most recent move based on the daily chart. We've touched on the on the sixty. One point eight percent absolutely on the noise and the other level is non on fifty seven actually closed the candle just recently above ten thousand the clothes seating wrought de eh at ten thousand one hundred twenty one and of course as we do see this role ever. I'm looking at the lower timeframes for potential low timeframe trends but won't be shorting until the ten thousand. I just wanted to remind Saif. I want to make sure that taking risks right now. I don't think additional risks other. Things needs to be doing in this market at the moment. Sit back and watch enough other opportunities which have done so. It's actually just being post in the market view subscription. If you're in the good check your email now because of video as they run out and the what I'm saying is the really love to see a high alert coming big clint breakout through the high of ten thousand. It's a nine hundred thirty. Three thousand can get above pretty positive from that point on there is talk today apple having that meeting all sorts a having some form of mating ating today and it'll be interesting to see if talk bitcoin of course if they do talk about bitcoin. I'm sure that would probably give them a little bit of a kick. In the backside movement higher it could be of all told I coulda shoulda would reasonable trading strategy psalmist can stick to what I tried the markets Bitcoin County ten thousand one hundred thirty three yesterday down one point nine percent on a theory right now look and see one eighty point four one and yes they again and other flat cattle undecisive down point three percent there is not a great deal going from what one of you have to wait and see what goes on Braxton you Hoya Heart's on the four before actually get involved driving. We are seeing some movement game right now. As I speak theorem starting to move we're at one point won't percent rotten have bitcoin up point two percent we are starting to see more momentum here on the also will go up one percent as well sitting at three dollars and eighty cents daily has had good push. It is an upturn we are starting to see a bit of momentum coming in to Bitcoin as well bitcoin out point six Philippine calling a rice holes and they still haven't sitting at six foot six a sense flat point Idaho percent yesterday it was down just point seven percent nothing much more to say except Tikhon the long run now several percent yesterday very flat sitting point one percent downward three point six cents as sorry twenty six cents flat as it stains lot coined as the break above the level that he is currently seventy three dollars and thirty cents we sitting at Right now seventy one thirty nine point seven percent bitcoin now at one full present we moving again and yet yesterday unlocked at one point two percent bitcoin cash three. I seven point so up point eight nine percent and yesterday a very flat candle pretty much doing nothing thirty seven sixty nine bond sitting right now at one percent just after the open of the New Delhi Kenilworth fifteen minutes. We saw yesterday the market down one point five percent sitting at twenty you too. Dole's flat as I speak right now really studying your move. It's at one point seven full. Senate outperforming the rest of the colts right now. Bitta pump going on hip. Hop sets the meeting. I'm talking about twentieth flat right. Now is at one point five cents yesterday as well completely flat. We're looking across it out. Cardona its up point six percent right now. Be Looking at this this morning. For potential attention tried against bitcoin nothing they just yet as far as being filled yesterday we did sit down point seven four percent and right now sitting at four point six cents finally they s one twenty any seven dollars and seventy six cents. We're up point seven three percent so far today after having a full three point two percent yesterday that is a top ten run three rotten and we are starting to see some movement in the market like a willoughby's sustained how fast continue when Willett continue at all the law study mets has seen move up on Bitcoin for one from ten thousand and twenty one literally talk to ten thousand three hundred Peyton that all happened within the spice this conversation with you so I want to get off here keeping all the market fantastic dynamite away you are in the world. Make sure you shooting sure and try to call the DOT com. Get yourself in the free biweekly video news. I get across youtube. You don't facebook and give me on twitter have cracking day on pre pumped got some grain so granted. I want it's preferred. AC- grain have a good one goes off now. This show is proudly sponsored. TRY TO CALL DOT com the leaders in checklist based trading strategy. Yes that's exactly how it sounds. I'll teach you a literal checklist or you can take off autumns and be decisive very quickly. Get had across the Kaaba Dot com with a bunch of free content there few to have a look at and of course if you're interested in having me come to your city click and register for the live events coming up feeling fast have a great day. TRY TO CALL DOT COM now.

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