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Posted on social media sites by people who should know better the reason the stock market took a plunge today nothing dramatically changed in the corona virus discussion the reason the stock market took a plunge today was because the OPEC meeting went so badly over the weekend and the Russians walked away from that's why they halted trading earlier that's why there was a selloff but the long term players I'm not going to give you financial advice but never ever will I do that but I will give you my opinion as to what's happening in the market my opinion as to what's happening in the market is a lot of people are frightened as people tend to do and they go oil prices down problems with OPEC coronavirus fears and there's immediate selloffs but the long term investors are going to be buying this week and I don't know how long the long term is going to take but three to six that that's my prediction with Gerry why do you think there is but let me go back for sure based on your experience as a P. would you call yourself a Pullman knowledges you said you're a long dark what what what correct I'm a pulmonologist and critical care physician all right so one of the things that keeps coming up in this is that elderly male smokers are at greater risk in people with COPD what about the corona virus is it the if you have a weakened respiratory system what about that is the problem well it was influence or any respiratory disease whether it's a bacterial pneumonia or viral pneumonia the likelihood of getting a more severe reaction when your lungs are compromised is intuitive and I think that when risk influenza coronavirus are respiratory illnesses people with respiratory diseases that have just a more difficult time fighting that off and to have more serious consequences so he is if you were predicting where this coronavirus thing goes do you think we've leveled off I mean they're they're two different questions and you kind of alluded to those one of them is how contagious is this thing and the second was you use the term virulent or deadly or dangerous so it could be very contagious but not so deadly or not nearly as contagious but very deadly and out of those permutations and combinations which where are we I'm not sure we know all our basic we there is a sense that this may be more contagious just because of how quickly it is reportedly being spread in different areas of the world not here in the United States but in different areas even that I'm not sure who's has been will well today is I don't think we have a sense yet is it more very light is it is it really more disease producing move and say employing the self and the numbers with employees are staggering we don't have those kinds of numbers with coronavirus are you making any changes in your personal life to your behaviors as a result of this no your answer but no do you think having some simple simple contagion respiratory droplet wash your hands clean services simple things are probably doing anyway and when most people are doing when there's an influenza I'll break I think those are those are reasonable but I don't really see any superb over the top when does the flu season typically start soon we'll usually starts in the United States around December sometimes early in November but around December and will make its way into early spring March April so we're not out of the woods yet well the numbers or the two cities here are posting for up to this week but we're still we still have some influence of this being reported yes I read over the weekend that on February twenty eighth the of each year the who the World Health Organization gathers together doctors from around the world and they discuss what strain they think is most likely for this year once they agree on this is the strain we predict for this year then they go back and begin building stocks of that to be ready by October to begin flu shots and that that's the reason that it's only about thirty five percent effective is they often get it wrong is that what you understand to be the case memories of the influenza isn't there this year's best gas from last year's influenza and expected or anticipated mutations of the virus that's why you typically seen forty to sixty percent success rate in some years when we got it wrong like a couple years ago at around ten percent and so vaccines can certainly help but it it's not covering everybody from the peninsula do you get the flu shot every year I do because working at hospitals they mandate that you do but two years ago I got the flu shot and then I personally got wins and and having to work through it but if I do get the flu shot because it's mandated by governmental now and the hospital mandates that any act many people working there have to have a flu vaccine do you have any I would not have normally this last year but where do you yeah the bottom line is yes I used to get a flu vaccine do you have any life hacks as two good ways to improve our immunities overall things that you actually buy into I was reading that vitamin C. is over rated that we think it's the panacea but it's not have any thoughts on that I do not think it is a panacea you know this is interesting in that you know I keep saying that word but all our medical advances we've medicine cannot cure the common cold this is certainly not the common cold but what I'm saying is that our our insights on treating viral illnesses and the medications we have for treating viral illnesses do not compare to those we have in the bacterial world we have lots of different antibiotics moulder coming out all the time but we just don't have that same capability with viruses and so we rely on our intrinsic body's ability to to fight things off why don't we have that same ability that's a good question I I know they are working on that part of it is just the nature of the virus the virus is very small much smaller particle it replicates differently than bacteria it's a really a completely different organism and it is completely different from correct seem to still seem to be the more the more logical initial approach but then we do have some antiviral things we give for influenza it is just that it really has not been satisfying however can you hang on for a minute yeah I want to ask you if you're the king president appoints you the king of our entire corona virus in anti flu.

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