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That but like we wanted to make it positive because detroit isn't only You know A car thieves in drug dealers. You know but but if you look at depictions on on television you think that's all it is only robocop the movie you know we were like deserves fun comedy and we grew up there. We love we love it. We would always be like oh it would be great too. We knew that we couldn't Make our careers the way we wanted to and still live in detroit because the opportunities just aren't there but we knew that we want to come back with something and do something and come back show back up and be like yeah but come back with something and we'll talk about that before we even left detroit before we had any idea that we're really going to be able to do anything like that. So when the opportunity came it was like truly. I mean we talk about this remember when we was in the ports and talk about that and like yeah and then we start crying Is really important to us to sort of do that. You feel like you. You grew up splitting time between detroit and ghana where you're from which i'm sure be complicated for variety reasons but do you feel like it's sort of gave you an outsider's perspective. Sometimes of what was special about detroit where person some people might have a harder time if there if they weren't getting that perspective on it yes i do think that i have a sort of a micro macro view of detroit you know from having my perspective be of growing up in detroit also in africa and even some mike perspective on detroit detroit as it relates to america how the world views america brazil the world views detroit specifically and race in detroit. You know how the city is going other places in the world to so in in london to ghana that were in ghana. Everybody is black and except for the people who are immigrants. The immigrants are white. You know And of course they they still the amount of power they have. There is still not a parallel in any means to to but you know in africa. Black is like you're not like oh the black guy who says a black guy african unless you're in south africa but whatever but in detroit. The city is seventy five percent black so having that appreciation for that seeing that or maybe even taking that for granted as a youth is something i could see you know and also mind you. Also that was also very important for us to reflect that in the show. Yeah so on the show. We made sure that it's seventy five apes and black of extras the casting. It wasn't going to be you know A white guy and a black guy in the sea of white people. Or whatever and that's detroit you know and like every now and then bringing it by like no. It's detroiters is a black show has ten minute. You know what i mean. And that was a very much on the family reunion episodes. I feel like that's the show. It's like it's and his family and then like a white guy enters it like exactly so often tame is the is the weird one in the situation by being a white person exactly and mike always the focus. Now it's not like all goes white person's doing but is that he is still learning because you know he's not gonna have him be my sister. I haven't been married to. My sister was also very conscious. Things like anti it and so he is a member of the family so he's not just a friend he's my he's my brother-in-law as something else about the show. So yeah you know. He is in out he. He's in our space you know but he is also comfortable in belongs in that space. Yeah definitely i mean it is one of the more interesting aspects of just sort of like how your show how. The show ended up talking about these. Those those things have just sort of. It's and you'll still have tim learning they'll be situations where like tim. There's like one time where the secretary of like. Oh sam you would have had such a hard time back then in timberlake me. I would also have our time exactly. Yeah i feel bad laughing at our own jokes. So i just i just watch. I forget that job. Forget that joke to sort of like black blaming comedy is also in blind spots. You know like an exists like a person who was unaware of themselves in tim. Is that a lot in the show. Yeah so we're talking a little bit but so you have this idea. Want something about detroit You jason davis meet you guys use as friends wants to do something about you guys france you have the friendship part the detroit part. How did that become this show about friendship. This show about detroit. Well we knew that like the we say like a sort of pitch on. The show was salmon. Tim if they were half as lucky and twice as dumb you know so. That's so how are they buddies. Like how are are they in so. We know that there's a friendship. A friendship on detroiters is almost exactly our friendship in real life. You know so. We knew that that would be fertile land to sort play and like i mean. We can filter through and like early on. They were very much trying to like ask. Like how are these guys different. Maybe they fight more like no. That's not what this entrusted in israel. So like even if we're making comedy trust us. We don't need to be fighting over the fact we don't need to like insert conflict like that that you know you don't need any conflict it could be the only exactly yeah. They need to be on the same team. Navigating this world because they haven't seen point of view and that we can talk about that point of view together. They don't need a big internal conflict. They can deal with external conflicts. They even they cause and so that like the so. The idea was going to be that no matter what. And we're like well it's gotta be detroit and detroit's got to be the third character of this show And we were trying to figure out the ways. I if i really early on. I think we were going to be parking lot attendants so we're going to be like just two guys stacked together in like the small little booth in park intended but then we leave work and go on these adventures. But then you know. Like i i wanted it to be something that would also occupy them. So we want we want a workplace can also generate. You know things to care about And you know. We didn't want to be tv writers if our experiences in writing comedy. But you don't wanna like that's not a detroit thing accommodator reading show about new york and the show about chicago. La yeah so you can become writer your thriving these guys. It'd be like blue collar in a way. Not that at at agencies are blue collar but you know they do work in tied with the auto industry yes really well what are these are the guys who make commercials because then it gives them something to aspire towards like there are low level will rent and then they want to hit the big times which is like a also very Very detroit you know. They do any work full of heart hoping to do more And the parallel to writing these commercials is like our way of being comedy writers. 'cause in their creatives ya but who are creative for higher So we're gonna foul matt thing and it allowed us to draw from our experiences writing and also being in detroit and also have it be an industrial sort of blue collar thing that they did. So you had a small stable of writers amber ruffin on the show michael tehran show plus you two plus the co creators at cannon and joe kelly how are you building and then sort of writing episodes so four of us me. Joe zack. in. Tim would really kind of beating out sort of story things you know and joe was like our most seasoned like a sitcom writer. Because you know he'd he'd worked. You know on other shows like how. I met your mother and things like that so he was the guy on the board like a whiteboard. And we'd like just have these episode ideas and kind of like right the mouth then like note cards like sort of what our topics that we want to talk about or would want to do and so the kind of lean meat and i kinda hit those Topics and like see like what things can all fit into an what which one of these ideas is a big enough saying that that's what the episode will be about and then like we'll find a abi story and even see story with that like or or like n beating that thing maybe we can find something in there. That's like a bigger thing. But we kind of just like then brainstorm in the room and then just sort of find all the beats..

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