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You go in up. Give me a glass of champagne. Assumption made some useful but you know It was a really great moment in my life. In i would not trade traded just because i went to that. I created dental abandoning. 'cause i had great relationships with celebrities like yourself if i hadn't done dinner bevy i guess i would have gone directly into tv host and things like that but you guys wouldn't have known me known me they now when people come on my radio show when i'm doing tv and they come on my tv shows. They know me 'cause. I fed them because we die. And there's something intimate special about with someone he ju- a break breakfast. So good and i pray that when this is all over we do it again. But i believe is not a you had this amazing job. The whole pipe powered executive. We know it was paying well. But i do believe you were able to leap into purpose into your purpose right and so as to encourage other people out there and i'm not saying quit six figure jobs in whatever whatever it is i'm not saying unless you fill like really lead but so many people are going through a transition with and whether it's spiritual related to your job but just know that you're gonna transition and or leaf right into purpose is so true because i meant to be a and guide in the teacher and that's why this book relations. Let's mother onto betsy. If a self help book then it's a minimum to help people get their lives on track and to dare to dream like when i talk about wanting to calm or no not wanting to become relax. Talk about that. I wanted to become an e. Got numb bowl. That is yummy. Like you've done broadway you have rambis could easily do a movie also stars saying to you this way for you to become an e. is a much quicker pack in a much more reasonable pack than for me to become the because you could easily do a tv show a daytime talk show. You are amazing. Use assab in for the real us up in real the real the tall yes v yet. So you're really great ryan keeps you could easily land a job like that and then that will get you an empty. You already a grammy's man. You're an actor an actress. So yeah all you have to do. Is i get in a movie. Get greedy bro. And there you go asta dumb broadway so okay you now you get Is opportunities nuggets. That's jewel yes. I think that's the difference between success. And maybe someone's current situation where they feel like they're zero is just opportunity opportunity interim sometimes we have the somebody. That's so good. Soap me on sat on ground zero from e. got world. I mean yes. I do daytime tv. So i can so that i could do but my plan is emmy for daytime. Tv grammy for the audio book. Oscar were a superb fifteen minutes performance. Remember woobie was nominated for best supporting actress. In american gangster in it was all about that scene where she told denzel washington off and that was literally maybe eight minutes of a scene but she did not get nominated for a best supporting actress. I'll come on. You gotta do too much too much like you. Just gotta be good in that moment that you're doing it. That's why when people talk about doing this lose sometime during this little That's because you ain't got no vision. Just because something is not starring space or not the biggest opportunity not mean it cannot garnett you your dreams coming true. It can facilitate your dreams coming true. It's not the size that madison's the quality that matters. Okay somebody say that's revelation and drops feel revelations. You better get into it and write them down. So it's a simple as what you say out of your mouth and believe that what you say out of your mouth can and will happen. I don't know if you still do visual boards or not but it's literally just sang that thing every single day people are tired of being consistent but consistency brings results. So it's also being consistent in when you walk by. I don't know you might have a emmy grammy oscar and a. Tony could be replica sitting around your house but we do know you go have the real thing and where two or three can agree. Yes and today. I'm with you on that. Maybe it's going to happen. And i'm gonna be sitting there clapping. Rutin like toronto where they see her clad in another black woman on you. But i'll tell you this too but whatever guy takes me on. This journey is going to be exactly we. I need to be To open this man even worry about the outcome them. At beverly sin. We do good work and show listen. We do good work and we leave it alone. Come onto our work. We drop the mic walk away and we let god take care of us and don't be like me inspect the gadget. China help guide. He needs to help leave it alone. Let go and let god in your book. Bev relations lessons from a mother until investi was they are chapter that you almost probably yet. I probably shouldn't go in there. This crazy section where. I am became malleable. Happy route created that. That's a crazy s story. I will tell the truncated version of it. I basically went on to new year's eve as alone. I was born to why. I live in new york city so for me. The golden day is along fleiss in hours. So i used to do a layover in los angeles has nets five hours to hawaii at the time i had a tin Come on. I was at going to a very long layover. So i could get laid out now so my tinder lama in the up from the airport. We when and got some mexican be went in. May the love. Back to the. When i was when i was sitting in my first class seat. I was a little on whether it was it. Was lobbying in my my pasta area. Now we had done anything back there. So i was like. I don't know what it was. And so i get to hawaii. How flight in real pain in. She's like oh probably a heavyweights among sally. Kema bull. tmr. I go all the places. I had the best time in my in. My life is searing name amid a mike. Oh my gosh. i'm in trouble. But every night i'm talking to the guy from l. a. and we talking and everything but grin in the middle of it too. I'm also going on the beach. And i say in the book the ways were crashing in.

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