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You AB UAB Abbas nine in three middle Tennessee at eight and four two and a half point favorite in the conference U S H champion ship. They played last week, actually. Yeah. They did middle Tennessee won- twenty seven to three UAB kicked a field goal on the very first drive of the game. But that was it. They finished with three points with eighty nine total yards. It and they've been a great story mall year. It's tough to not root for you A B, but what changes in one week between a twenty four point loss where he had eighty nine total yards got dominated right? And this week now where you're only a two and a half point dog. I'm going Brent stock still for middle Tennessee. I'm going with his completion percentage of seventy one percent. Which is second. Coach's kid. Yeah. In the nation. Yeah. Let's go blue raiders here to win and cover by two and a half. Yeah. I mean, you AB the blazers are beat up Spencer Brown. They're all everything running back and just a ridiculous talent. He I don't even he may have had a Kerry last week. So that was a big difference maker they've dealt with injuries at quarterback. So this is a UAB team that at full strength is. I think much better than what they've looked like at least last week. I'm also gonna go with Mitsu here. I think middle Tennessee is just in a better place healthwise, and you know, are prepared for you. I'd be tough to beat a team two weeks in a row, right? But I can't imagine that Alabama Birmingham is in as good a place this week as Alabama Tuscaloosa Saturday at three thirty. It's the American championship game on ABC. Memphis, eight and four UCF. At eleven oh, the nights are a three point favorite in this one, Dan. But of course, the backdrop is begins Milton and his yadda straffic knee injury leg injury really from a week ago. Mckenzie Milton's parents did put out a statement that quote, the blood flow has been restored to his right leg and his nerve is injured but intact so for the uninitiated among us. Yeah. Whatever they start talking about restoring blood flow as part of an injury, not just a standard ACL or meniscus or anything else in the leg. That's pretty serious stuff. Yeah. Good that it's restored bad that it had to be restored that it had to be restored. We wish him. Well, we hope that he has a speedy recovery. Certainly as it relates to this game UCS going to be playing a bit short handed not having him out there being. So he was such a playmaker. The last time these two teams played it was close. It was thirty one thirty in favor of UCF. Now, I think it flips the other way, I think Memphis ends that UCF winning streak. I think they win this one outright. Even though they're playing it at UCF's home stadium spectrum stadium in Orlando. There's just there's just so much you're working against UCF with Milton being out that I think it's Memphis chance to get some revenge. I am curious. And I think we have we've watched these teams enough over the course of these past couple of years to admire how well they've done in their passing games, but Greg McCray for UCF Durell Henderson has been phenomenal for for Memphis this season. And I think they had two guys. Go over one hundred yards last week Memphis in their win over Houston dealing with their own quarterback issue in Derek king. Yeah. Yeah. It was I think Pat Taylor also went over one hundred yards..

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