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The information just coming out a few minutes ago tweet from bob nightingale bread mills will now manage the a l in the star game in miami terry francona underwent heart procedure will rejoin the indians after the break successful heart surgery four terry francona is the word there thursday afternoon the report here is that the medical update on cleveland indians manager terry francona thursday afternoon at the cleveland clinic francona underwent a cardiac ablation procedure to correct a cardiac arrhythmia irregular heartbeat detected through diligent monitoring of terry's heart rhythm over the past several weeks resting comfortably at a at the cleveland clinic following the surgery we welcome in bomb nightingale usa today i suppose it at the end of the day that's very good news that the procedure is successful and that they they caught this irregular heartbeat and took care of it but concerning nonetheless yeah very much so prompt over years in you know it's it's concerned everybody knows the guy i am ups jerry so uh yeah at least hopefully this whole filing take care of it in y'all comes a good time with the all star break uh selflessness you'll stay in bed rest until uh return next right bob geldof usa today joining us on the damn patrick show bob as we head into the allstar weekend of final play on sunday and then the break with the all star game and activities in miami beginning on sunday night monday and tuesday what's the biggest story would put up this poll questions biggest story so far of this 2017 season is at the rookies of erin judging cody ballanger the runaway houston astros the record home run pace in major league baseball or the surprised that is a little bit in the national central with the cubs underachieving and the lowest payroll in baseball the milwaukee brewers leading that nl central what's the biggest story.

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