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Castle casino feel the lock when you walk into the castle's newly expanded gaming floor with approximately three thousand election gay I like trying to games to play new castle casino I forty four exit one oh seven and Jacquelyn writes on social media Lee I thought it was somewhat ironic that the grandma you were talking about that dropped the to the that drop the home invader with your second amendment guaranteed gun this weekend defending her family. lives and Jason lows district I didn't know that Jacquelyn thank you for the update. on newsradio one thousand Katie okay Michael Bowers joining us from twenty four seven news Michael this is a story about this boat out in California upset me quite a bit because I've been on one of those types of dive boats what is the latest on this fire. this morning out of southern California saying that twenty five bodies have been recovered so far after this diving boat over the weekend caught fire and were still unclear how the fire started we do know that the seventy five foot boat which is regularly used for diving charters around the Channel Islands there was anchored off Santa Cruz island about ninety miles west of Los Angeles the Pacific Ocean and according to reports it was on a three day excursion that would have had all sorts of diving efforts that would have been nature lectures gourmet meals left Saturday was supposed to return back to harbor Monday at five PM only at three thirty in the morning yesterday morning Coast Guard started getting May Day calls about the boat being engulfed in flames and according to reports while they were thirty nine people on board the vessel five of which were crew members who eventually jumped overboard and then were pulled to safety the remaining people at least at this point not expected to be survivors of you doing the math on that there's at this point the Coast Guard said about nine people that are still missing they are not considering that to be a rescue mode but rather a recovery mode and it may be and and maybe you can speak this to you but it would seem as though the way the ship was built may have come into play as to what the tragedy why the tragedy happened here where you've got at least according to reports on the upper level is where the crew is staying so once the woke up and noticed there was a fire they were able to jump overboard after calling in the May Day signals then you go down to the next level that's where the galley or the kitchen area was in the dining portion as well and then down below that with the sleeping quarters and according to what the blueprints of this boat indicate it was built in nineteen eighty one and what from some people who have been on this boat indicate there is one staircase one single staircase that goes from the sleeping quarters up to the galley area and then from there if you were to try to create an escape route you have to go up the stairs to the galley through the main deck and then be out and to safety on some level so the reports are that if there were some sort of a fire in the. galley on some level that would make it virtually impossible for any of the crew to get down and reach the gas that would make it virtually impossible for any of the guests who were sleeping down below to be able to make it up and evacuate that done I'm I'm I've been the well let's just get this straight this is what they call a live aboard it's a dive charter and these are recreational divers so they paid you know like you would pay for a cruise but it's diving specific and they go to specific diving destinations and and do a sport diving there I've not been aboard one where the good the quarters were down below usually the quarters are there either on the main deck or just a deck to billow up for that reason so that you can get in and out quickly in the event of an emergency usually galleys and other things are are low are are located lower and that's also where it usually because it's a little bored that's where the supplies are a tanks dive gear it's sector are usually on the very lowest floor. and it would seem it would seem as though our view of it but whether this is I mean the Borg built built in nineteen eighty one so it's kind of an older boat according to what I believe it was a rob Lowe actor rob Lowe who had been on this boat specifically a couple of different times you live in Santa Barbara this is kind of off shore from Santa Barbara had been on this multiple times he kind of said the same thing he was concerned there was just this one exit from the sleeping facility up to the galley of that that would be the bigger problem here that we're looking at so perhaps in these older both I just don't know enough about them that there would have to be some of the it clearly moving forward some element of retrofitting to make sure they were all the other elements that you didn't have a sleeping facility either down the bottom or certainly where in different elements of of needing to escape on some level you didn't have multiple outlets to be able to do that at least at this particular time that the belief of this incident that they just didn't have a way to get out and that frankly you know part of the concern to and again the investigation into how the fire started where it was located still to come but there's also a possibility that they may have been asleep when suffering from smoke inhalation because of set fires but it may not even been an opportunity for them to get up and try to get out if they were suffering from that while they were sleeping yeah and and I'm cool with this is the other thing it up from what I understand it burned down to the water line and with the Coast Guard was able to tow it somewhat into port but then it sank when it got to port correct okay yeah that was at least at the with the reports are indicating at this point and with that you know the the they try to extinguish the fire multiple times to get it out it would just re flame again and that could be you know multiple fuel possibility least of which the the the good Samaritan they came by and rescue the five crew members the jumped overboard put them on his boat and and got them back to safety indicated that as he was getting the the crew members on board the boat was just engulfed in flames from stem to stern at that point and that he said there were multiple explosions every few beats which could have. been the oxygen canisters on board there you were talking about part of it yeah as for the landing element that may have come into play with this as well all right..

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