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The army game was as big a jump that I've ever seen in a quarterback. You know, we were a little discombobulated on the sidelines, just different things going on. But just to see him in the army game the way he operated. And it has been my experience. If you can operate in that game, you can operate in any game. Midshipman wrapped up 2021 with a win over army. Dave Preston WTO sports. And now the top stories we're following, breaking news on WTO, Greg mcmichael, who chased ahmaud Arbery with his son Travis, has also now been sentenced to life in prison for committing a federal hate crime. Travis mcmichael got the same sentence earlier today, 25 year old Arbery was shot and killed by Travis mcmichael in a Georgia neighborhood, mcmichael was previously sentenced to life without parole in a state court in Georgia for Arbery's murder. The Biden administration announcing another $1 billion in new military aid for Ukraine today, pledging what will be the biggest yet delivery of rockets, ammunition, and other arms straight from the Defense Department stocks for Ukrainian forces. Votes for a county council seat in Frederick county are being decertified by the Maryland board of elections. That's because of a discrepancy between the total number of votes and the mail in and provisional ballots. Stay with WTO for more on these stories and in minutes. After Friday's overwhelmingly strong jobs report in July, it appears corporate hiring plans are still looking pretty good for months to come. Hiring outlook is promising for U.S. companies through the end of this year, according to business consulting firm, Robert hath. Many companies remain in the hiring mode and professionals within demands skills continue to have many options. Robert halves, Paul MacDonald. It looks bright for the second half of 2022 with 46% of the company's plan on adding new positions or filling vacated positions. Tap recruiting tactics, salary, signing bonuses and remote work. Stephen Kauffman, CBS News. Coming up in money news. Inflation expectations have eased. I'm Jeff Gable. One 48. Traffic and weather on the 8s and Rita Kessler in the WTO feed traffic center. Well, looking at the beltway we have a new delay that's we don't really know what the deal is here. It's the inter loop of the beltway crossing the American legion bridge headed all the way to river road. We can't quite see what's going on whether it's a work zone or whether it's a crash or something else going on there, but watch for anything that could be causing that backup. Outer loop was having a little bit of a delay as well. Now we're also seeing a delay on northbound two, 70. Coming from old George amro trying to head toward the merge with the two 70 spur, watch for anything there. Still a little bit of volume on the beltway in your university, boulevard there had been a work crew last seen on the inner loop side. It was the street sweeping crew. Getting the job done. Now the outer loop local lanes after route one in Alexandria the work in the right lane, lays near Eisenhower avenue. Getting across the bay bridge, westbound is still slow before route 8 headed onto the westbound span of the bridge all lanes are open. They've removed the work zone that had been there. Eastbound 50 is slow after the southern river bridge headed onto the eastbound span of the bridge, the lanes are open, but within the delay, near Whitehall road, the left lane was blocked, with a broken down vehicle. In the district north bend D.C. two 95, heavy from the 11th street bridge passing Pennsylvania avenue, we have a delay that begins in the southbound third street tunnel, headed on to both the freeway and south capitol street. There is a report of a crash from southbound three 95 on to south capitol street that ramp there. You may find a crash. Plus, it looks like there may be a work zone on the eastbound freeway in the area of south capitol street as well. So two possible issues causing this backup 66 in Virginia yeast found delays before two 34 the Prince William Parkway headed past the two 34 business into Centreville. Looks like the earlier crash there may have cleared you worse thing to the left to get by. Southbound 95 slows crossing the arc one than in Quantico in stretches trying to head into Fredericksburg. Whether you're moving down the street across the country or around the world, interstate moving has been delivering quality moves, you can trust for over 75 years, visit their website. At move interstate dot com. I'm Rita Kessler, WTO traffic. Lauren ricketts with our forecast. It's a warm one today tomorrow and even Wednesday, but then we start to cool things down Thursday and Friday. Moda mid 90s today with the heat index, I feel like factor over a 100°. Lots of sunshine to be beautiful. We do have a small chance of seeing some showers and thunderstorms, mainly west this afternoon, but some of those could pack a punch, tomorrow 40% chance of some showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon hours, so slightly better chance than today. And again, some of those could be strong tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow, so mid 90s still feeling over a 100° still with plenty of sun. Now a cold front will approach the region on Wednesday, that'll bring an increase in cloud cover through the day, Wednesday morning drive, but by the afternoon, a 70% chance of seeing some showers in thunderstorms for everybody, some of those are going to be strong to severe, damaging winds, but heavy rain leading to flooding primary threat, heat and humidity drop for Thursday and Friday. I'm storm team for meteorologist Lauren ricketts. It is 88° and partly cloudy outside of our studios now feels like 94 brought to you by Dallas glass for all your glass mirror and shower door needs, visit dulles glass dot com, dulles glass, love your glass. Just ahead

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