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He'd been married twice. So the first wife she was need Mary crown than they had two kids together. And then he married his second wife, Pamela Phillips. They were married on October fourth nineteen Eighty-six in San Diego and Pamela have to kiss to two kids from a prior marriage and then gearing Pamela have two kids Trevor in Lois. Gary was very successful financially. So Pamela ended up so they were both in real estate. Stuff. Pamela, ends up quitting real estate job. So she's essentially just a socialite and in nineteen ninety three triana's he has massive debt and starts to pile up. So they've actually kind of separating divorce, then she's kind of doubt about it with the money, and when the money drying up now having all these financial issues, it's kinda like via. So at the time of the divorce Triano filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy. He claims forty million in debt G after several failed business dealings regarding Indian casinos. No. So his ex wife, Pamela, she moves to Aspen, Colorado. She takes her kids, and she continues like she gets back into commercial real estate. And she's over there doing that. It's then discovered that Pamela had taken out a two million dollar life insurance policy against Triano shortly before his death. Their divorce. The couple's two children were set as the beneficiaries of. She's opening it up in their names for their father. Does she do on herself to than? So that's paid out in nineteen ninety seven to Phillips and she's like the executor of their she gets stuff. So she gets the two million suicide Ronald young he's a small time criminal and he meets Pamela in Aspen, according to her he became her business advisor, this kind of small time criminal guys her business. Yeah. There's they have records of Phillips paying him sums of money throughout the nineties. So suddenly when all of this kind of comes to light later police have this theory that may be Phillips paid young to go knock off ex husband has this life insurance policy on them shortly before the bombing van rented by young was found abandoned in Yorba, Linda, California and inside the vehicle were documents pertaining to Phillips and trios divorce a map of Tucson, what an assault off shotgun. No, okay. So all of that kind of looks bad, and is a mess but nine years later so nine years after the murder on November nineteenth two thousand five and episode of America's most wanted profiles Ronald young. And this has nothing to any of that. It's about forgery Annabel's, embezzlement. Yes. But in the upper so the mentioned that he has his potential connection to this other crime. He's found two days later, they find him in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He serves a ten month prison sentence for weapon possession in probably was on parole and stuff, and then he gets extradited back to Aspen for these charges that have to do with her so following his arrest. Investigators found phone records and Email correspondence between young and Phillips relating to triana's murders. There's like evidence because now they're looking at him and finding all this other stuff in two thousand eight he's charged with the murder of Gary Triano acquire. So although thirties tried to track her down in two thousand eight she flees after her indictment and the end up finding her in two thousand nine in Austria what? Yeah, how they find her. They're they're always that's creating. So then they have to have a extradition. Yeah. So then the she doesn't get protected until two thousand ten while this kinda takes awhile after a brief episode in two thousand eleven where they're saying she's not fit to stand trial. There's kind of arguments about her mental stuff. She's declared able to stand trial in two thousand twelve. So she's arrested for his murder, and she then out here. So she goes to trial and she keeps an innocent medicine. She's like pleaded with the judge she's talking to people in court, and they're not have it. She's like a mob hit. It wasn't with me.

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