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Season tickets on the forty two yard line. Forty eight throws seats three and four since nineteen fifty eight and you walk into the stadium, and it feels like it's alive. You've incredible. My father was lucky enough to join me two years ago when my first ever Alabama LSU game at tiger stadium, which was it night. Primetime on CBS is first time billing inside tiger stadium. You walk in about six minutes. They'll kick off. All the lights were killing in and oddly enough. Here's here's kind of interesting that I'm in Arizona. But he said seeing tiger stadium at night for the first time with like for the ipad. So that goes to show you what type of atmosphere is created. There ended also helps you know over the last several years LSU put together a pretty competitive football team. But be honest with you, those people in Louisiana, they I've learned has been there for yourself Bill a party at the drop of a hat. So you put football game together that they're gonna have a great time, regardless of what the Bill and up until about the time you took over for gen Hawthorne. I always streamed through the goes zone and listen to it over the radio. But and that would help me continue doing things around the horse clean installs doing chores working to guard mowing the lawn. I wouldn't have this downtime in front of the TV. But the kids couldn't visualize what's going on. So we started watching on TV to get them engaged. So I haven't got to listen to you do a lot of play by play. But what's it like for the transition from two to coach how does the team embrace him? Well, it's it's quite different to be honest with you, you know, I had to work with with last miles who had established himself people felt like he was one of the top coaches in the country, and when you have a national title in your resume, you're going to get that kind of respect. But I think also there's a in the day and age where you know, want excess and they wanted us. You know coaches can maybe overstay their time. I'm not sure if that's exactly what happened with those miles. But I think there was just kind of a a we've done the same thing. We're kind of getting the same result. And now, we're headed, you know, over a decade at home. So, you know, you get a fresh start with coach, yo, and you know, the thing about Tokyo is ending up in the by not just in Louisiana, but literally buy your food. He he just won't vote. And so there was an instant gratification for tiger fans. I think because he was the guy he actually came to LSU to play at a high school. Only state about a year, and then decided to go home and finished his college career later at northwestern state inactivates, but you know, the thing about CoCo is people were just excited for what he's been able to do. And now his calling card has always been his entire career. Even when he started out at Miami on the Syracuse has been his recruiting that think that's kind of where you saw LSU slip a little bit. I mean, the SEC is still a running league. Yeah. There's a lot of high powered offenses. And there's you know some quarterback play. You can look at what just miles on it. Nick Sabin now, obviously opened up his offense to be much more prolific and much more challenging but at the end of the day. It comes down to what's up front offensively and defensively. You gotta have the big guys athletic is skilled guys that offense of line. Especially really becoming skill position. The way they coach it today and coach spent the last couple of years, you know, beefing up that offense affront, I think they got a little thin there in big time games against big time programs. They had trouble when you're going up, it's three hundred sixty pounds. And it happens to be an athlete you need to be able to match that with a three hundred sixty pound athlete on the other side. Now, you're now in your fourth year as the play by play announcer. Do you still need a translator for coach? Or have you picked up on the lingo? No, I've picked up on it. Really? Well, you know, I think it's interesting Joe, and I get along so well, and he's really a nice guy. You know, he's an intense guy. And when it's football time. I mean, there's nobody more intense than he is. But you know, off the field and in the moment, I get to spend with him. He's a really personable guys got a great sense of humor. He and I laugh coaches show he can every week during the football season in between segments during the commercial CNN. I'll have a few laughs. He'll tell something funny about what's happened. The last couple of days though, I get along well with him. And yes, I understand everybody. Have you? How long did it take you to pronounce all the names on the team now that part because again, as you know, in certain parts of Louisiana certain, especially vowels, and even in some cases consonants are pronounced differently not just differently from the rest of the country. But if you're in north Louisiana something's pronounced different than if you're in Baton Rouge in south, Louisiana. So that's been the toughest part. So I worked very closely with Michael von sports information director. And every year when the all roster spring camp or spring football. And then eventually fall camp comes around. I'll go back through the roster, and I'll make sure if this kid is from Monroe Louisiana his name baby pronounced different than if he is from day Lafayette. And what can we look forward to this festival game? You mean as far as the game plan for the for the actual fiesta bowl. Correct. To accomplish. I mean, obviously, they the plans to win. But there's a lot more that goes into playing. Interesting question because Joe coming off that difficult and really disappointing loss. I mean, those guys you know, when you go for the longest game. History. Anybody going over and over seven overtime. I mean, you you come up short. I mean, it's it's not just devastating you know, physically from playing that game in that length of game over five hours. But I mean, mentally, it is draining. So it'll coach oh actually challenged his staff, and he challenged the players getting this bowl opportunity and do your sticks bowl giving them really a second. If you will winter camp you obviously a fall camp you have spring football. But he kind of went into this kind of like winter camp. You know, the guys that are going to be returning. Some of the guys who will not be returning have already made that decision. And in fact, didn't make the trip out here. Both of those guys who are building towards this game against.

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