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Covered 19 has been found in New York as new mega vaccination sites are opening up around the city. There are three covert vaccine hubs. One is at Hillcrest High School in Queens, another and the Bushwick Educational campus in Brooklyn. Health Commissioner, Dr Dave Choksi said. The South Bronx facility is at 701 ST Ann's Avenue, and that's where he gave a tour. He said. You cannot just walk in. You must have an appointment. And then when you come in And we'll walk everyone through this process, but it's straightforward. You present your ID and proof of eligibility. You go directly to be vaccinated. And afterwards you stay in an observation room for about 15 minutes. The observation room is so that you could be monitored in case you haven't allergic reaction. Chance, he said. The site will be able to vaccinate about 2000 people a day those eligible this week for the vaccine or high risk health care workers, staff and residents of long term care facilities and other frontline staffers. 12. More hubs just like this one will open next week. Carol D'Auria tent and wins in the South Bronx City Sights will be open from 9 A.m. to 7 P.m. seven days a week once they are all up and running internationally covert news, now the pope's doctor Has died of covert 19. The pope is said to get his vaccination next week in Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu got his second dose yesterday. Israel at this point is vaccinated 20% of the population, They are on track to inoculate every adult by the end of March, and in England, Queen Elizabeth and her husband have gotten their vaccinations is that country hit its highest ever daily death total. Teachers in the Bronx Elementary School concerned One of their colleagues is positive for covert 19. But the city doesn't know which one if any, that story coming up after traffic and AccuWeather wins news time, 7 31 traffic and transit Now and Jody Veil, Brian, we're heading to Westchester in the Bronx. It's looking good on the hunch and New England Thruway at the New Rochelle Tolls up to Connecticut. Bronx River is clear. So was Bruckner. It's a stone South bound deacon just passed across Bronx approaching East 153rd Street. We're seeing that right lane blocked, but it's not causing any delays. Cross Bronx removing well to the apartments, and here is what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels. It's 5 to 10 in and out at the George Lincoln and Holland, just a minor delays Queens and Brooklyn. It's moving well in the L. A Grand Central and Belt Parkway. Also decent on the inbound. Go on us up to the B Q, E and to the Merchant and to the merge. And here is what we see on Long Island's Big three. LF you're looking good, and that's a county like Phil Road to Sunnyside Boulevard than in Suffolk from Route 1, 10, 1, 12, northern State, Southern State, No issues at all traffic and transit, every 10 minutes on the ones breaking traffic alerts whenever they happen. I'm Jodi Veil on 10 10 wins now the official tension When Jackie Weather four day forecast, we get an update with Matt bends. In a beauty of a sunrise out there this morning, Bryant and we'll see mostly sunny skies for the rest of today. Yes, it is brisk out there for this morning, but this afternoon should turn out.

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