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I saw the film story who comes on the show on occasion. Robert baiter who claims there was some hanky panky. No i know nothing about that when you make something. Yeah well he had just come back from russia. We will return to gilbert godfrey amazing colossal podcast but i a word from our sponsor. Look guys dinnertime can be chaotic. Especially for people with chaotic. Lives like yours truly. But with freshly f. r. e. e. s. h. l. y. It's easy they're chefs. Take care of your meals a few nights a week and they take all the pressure off you now. We're all trying to get in shape and eat right. Well freshly can help. Their delicious meals are designed by nutritionists. And they're cooked by chefs making it easier to eat better if you're stressed if you're tired if you just don't feel like cooking food fast doesn't have to be fast food freshly offers quality meals without the hard work of prepping cooking and cleaning they offer chef made nutrient packed delicious meals delivered fresh to your door no cooking required and ordering his easy you go freshly dot com and you choose from over thirty delicious satisfying better for you meals like steak pepper. Corn sausage baked penny. Actually i made both of those for my wife and she loved them and now our listeners can try freshly for just six dollars and sixteen cents per.

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