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Take that dog with you and that dhaka deal with airports and hotels great and his dog school i'm not talking about the people the dress up their little dogs in the little sweaters and put him in hats and walk through neiman marcus not talked about that and i want to mention any place where i've seen that fashion island every single time i go that's different uh uh he put your dog in a stroller jessica the mall you're not you're not a vacation you don't have a job or a career which requires the travel lot and you don't want leave that dog at home alone because you're wary of that that's different i'm talking about dressing your little pujab and putting him in or harnessed role or to go to the mall for two hours that's what i'm talking about that's all the different in fact that's really different oh really different uh a a a woman we return chris mannix joins us we can talks basketball team primarily and probably get some boxing in there two that's coming up next segment i'm looking for an atp are looking for an atp asked the pros come out a long holiday weekend hit me with whatever you want sports or nonsports related maki creative make it original make it something different your me presser will come of that last hour chris mannix i plenty of time on the back hit some other topics chris bausch goes out on mostly zone terms competitive eating man is then not the dumbest thing over the entire weekend setting really still go on in pibor into it i didn't understand it then still do not understand it now don't go anywhere third hour.

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