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Charges after police say he drove a stolen car into an officer and sped off it happened near banning road and Minnesota Avenue northeast around six last night police said the officer was trying to direct traffic after a DC Housing Authority police vehicle was hit by another stolen vehicle during a traffic stop they're trying to get information of drug traffic around zero this accident a vehicle sped through striking an entity officer causes severe injury for this office she was taken to the hospital police found nineteen year old Deontay Rogers in the stolen car nearby and arrested him the other person in the car when it hit the officer is still on the run police originally thought there were three people in the car but now say further investigation found there were only two first they said they didn't do it but today Iran's admitting it did shoot down a Ukrainian airliner but not on purpose according to Iran's revolutionary guard correspondent Frederick pike in the head of the revolutionary guards aerospace defense forces so the commander in charge of their surface to air missiles he came out and he said that the plane was misinterpreted for being a cruise missile he said the operator of that surface to air missile battery try to get in touch with his commanders but couldn't reach them only had ten seconds to decide whether or not to shoot the object down the commander says that officer made a quote bad decision around supreme leaders expressing his deep sympathy for the families of the one hundred seventy six victims no relief for Porter Rico days after six point four magnitude earthquake hit the island a six point oh magnitude quake rocked it this morning geophysicist Randy Baldwin with the U. S. Geological Survey says struggling Porter Ricans aren't out of the woods it's going to be an ongoing thing for a while so you know just be aware of that because there is there can still be some significant aftershocks the cause damage many in southern Porter Rico are without power in crews are trying to figure out of power plants were damaged hundreds of thousands still having gotten their power or water back since Tuesday's quake Australians also continuing to suffer from natural disasters it was a particularly dangerous night after two wildfires combine to form a massive inferno in southeastern Australia strong winds and lightning strikes fan the flames creating new fires in some areas one man was seriously burned trying to protect the home he was airlifted to a hospital a few firefighters also got minor burns that didn't need to go to the hospital the more than two hundred thousand Christmas wreaths put out on headstones at Arlington National Cemetery have now been removed volunteer started the reefs out operation around eight this morning cemetery tweeted around ten thirty they were picking up the last few so now what happens to them red cross America organization handles that the recycling those repair work with a company called Vantaa major Jeremy telly says the research brought to the company's facilities recycled and used as energy what would a major sports game be without politicians wagering food on it governor Larry Hogan says Tennessee governor bill leave will be in the stands as the ravens play the Titans in the playoffs tonight Hogan tweets he's looking forward to hosting its counterpart but quote that's where our good hospitality will end because I have big trucks and or ravens we've made.

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