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A guy who's your doctor catch monster in college and last year Albertine accurate after the catch the second mortar Sivers and Brenda your adverts ten point nine yards after the catch herself to last year which was ridiculous you know deeply through a lot of water your screen doctor tried on NPR's and point your cats a wide receiver screen so we definitely a guy who never got tremendous wingspan for someone sixty tall your huge catch radius extremely dangerous with the Palestinians and we have tried to return to what they want to use America he averaged three yards per kickoff return last year and sixteen your coupon return last season so tell me a little bit deeper whatever sparked his ability to create stuff after the catch again and they were quite talkative on Jennings played about another guys retainer socks the cat to the wall then you put that in there like you said this one was impressive to me of your numbers under one Jennings their final pick thirty missed tackles forced that led all wide receivers in the country CD lamb whose great after the catch we talk about a lot of him he gave he goes to Dallas but B. as a potential pick the format for the draft he had twenty six so this got me run what a four seven two but but he's big with this with the bonus chance yeah he's gonna be a peacemaker cleaned out after the catch you know and you know during the Clinton thirteen I don't like celebrity on her last year we gave it really be receiver ran pretty much primarily all this possible what do you call it so we'll see I truly cannot wait to get another guy that can be tough to bring down after the catch in PSL with it's entertaining we had him actually I never sent me a pic for which will translate to a program textile are which ones aren't our cross breeding quite that would definitely get all your tech very cool Jeff great stuff and we always enjoy your work thank you so much for your time and all you guys over there you guys just busted so we really appreciate it thanks no probably time guys thanks to healthy brother also got some notes he had two Charlie Woerner the tide and that a Georgia more of a blocking type and of course you know you they need to block in the last toward low so he's got some numbers on him and then the kids it's R. F. maybe our favorite guy all right neck click events yes the the red massive last I've watched all these guys Jennings the one thing he does is just block in the run game yeah I mean if you want to run a charge you know crunch your crack haven't come down in motion he will lay you out an H. six three to fifteen thank you could be a red zone guy I don't know where he's going to be this year but I think it's wrong on the pack a practice squad John yeah I can make the roster news made rosters this year but I think as far as just being on the practice squad on the scout team to get your ready for G. K. Metcalf this guy John Jennings.

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