Andre Roberson, Paul George, Jae Crowder discussed on Hot Takedown - The Cavs-Celtics Swap


I don't know if like he's giving you that thing that leg i mean god willing if andre roberson ever learns how to shoot like andre roberson they can do something to those dudes i mean like paul george you think can do something to those dudes i don't think jae crowder is quite one of those guys so it's kind of like he he might be a 3andd type of guy that they need but he's just like a notch below in both three and d oh he's definitely he's definitely player and especially because his contract we haven't talked about his contracting ranked make six million dollars a year which is absurd when like alan crabs out here make him a 20milliondollar fake so i mean yeah i i get it like he's has obvious value he is obviously useful to a team but i mean if we're talking about like the matchups that like the cavs are traditionally talking about then i'm not sure he moved the needle that far from like hey he's better than trump but i'm not sure how much better now now some of this was done in fact chris you wrote about this that this wasn't just about the cavs setting themselves up four twenty 18 but also giving themselves flexibility going forward in a better way than they had when they are in this purgatory were they had to figure out not only what they're going to do with career but also you know lebron's future in cleveland is far from certain right now so have the cavs you know at least stepped in the right direction in terms of setting themselves up for what happens down the line if and when lebrun leaves or if and when you know they have to kind of deal with what an ageing lebron looks like even if he does stay with them i think so and i made a andrew ferrying crew but it's really interesting fee analyst and critic even go as far even a are there is it right.

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