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Of a you know a well after that for a lot of virgin from the process had to say something beyond condolences suggestion that gun laws a haven't worked to reduce crime swiss of chicago choose said before might be the fault of the people of chicago not the concept cells and ask for gun policy she noting that it's premature to talk about policy she said there will be time to discuss policy and gun control i don't want to create laws that will not stop the actual shootings and also just noted that this is of course an ongoing investigation so much to still be known about that shooting incident that we do know that this is the largest mass shooting in us history and president trump has in the past before he was a candidate for president talked about you know having more sensible gun laws regarding assault weapons in particular uh uh at moment so one wonders if you might take a different stance in office and then we see that reflected a gun stocks today with the expectation people run by certain kinds of conseco any guns whatsoever which has been through in the past when these events happen unfortunately we've seen this out play before if you well we also do want to point out that it to forty five p m wall street time there will be moment of silence on the bat white house south lawn the president will be there with first lady melania trump 245 on the white house south london we will of course take you there when that does occur and one worth noting to that there are about thirty thousand gun deaths in america every year and the most of them are don't look like this but that this is a thing that certainly captures our attention a first would such a whole mess tragedy like this happens but you know ninety other people will likely be killed today gun violence across soon and save some in lots of other situations are the movement of this kind of attention and certainly won't get the kind of tension of mrs sarah huckabee sanders also taking some questions.

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