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Day of increase yet New Jersey Florida Illinois Michigan and Louisiana among the growing number of states saying that ventilators are key to saving lives and testing key to slowing the spread the economy will get worse in the coming weeks that's the stark outlook from top White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow Kudlow also responding to reports the banks are saying they lacked guidance and reassurance from the federal government to move forward with the loan program for small businesses supposed to be up and running today it's just hard for me to believe I have to look into all these complaints they know it's guaranteed I mean for heaven's sakes we're in constant touch with these banks I'm Michelle Franzen ABC news northern Kentucky congressman Thomas Massie catching some political heat for his stance against the multi trillion dollar coronavirus relief bill that already passed in Congress that he coming in a new commercial from a primary opponent Todd make more trees add stems from Thomas Massie's effort to resist the two point two trillion dollar coronavirus relief package last week make Marjorie looking to capitalize on the president's denouncing of Massey calling him a third rate grand Stander and a disaster for America who should be kicked out of the G. O. P. the president unleashing the Twitter attacks as Massey tried to stall the stimulus package Masih continues to stand his ground and resisting that measure I'm will Clark and it's hard to perjury is the attorney who's been representing Nicholas Sandeman the Comcast team involved in that controversial standoff incident in Washington last year Cincinnati mayor John Cranley is now speaking he is introducing his wife dena Cranley the main topic expected to be addressed today at least in the beginning part of this update involves mental health amongst the stress a school from crying about Caroline Jones to discuss how to keep your family healthy he physically and mentally during this crisis so at this time with no further ado I'd have have you my favorite woman dena Cranley thank you yes good afternoon everyone and less than three weeks our day to day life turned upside down kids are home from school trying to grab some pandemic of cove at nineteen and trying to cope with being away from friends and teachers workplaces are shutting down people are losing their jobs and public gatherings have been canceled along with graduation parties proms and family gatherings in addition gross reset shelves are empty especially toilet paper imagine walking down the paper goods aisle as a child and everything is gone it can make anyone feel anxious and question whether we are safe or not we are asked to keep six feet away from people friends and in some cases family that is hard on many who love to hug their loved ones my son Joseph for our son Joseph does not have any siblings and he misses the connection with his friends and his teachers I would have never guessed that my son would come up to me and tell me that he misses school facetime or video costs are just not the same I'm not a teacher by trade and we're trying to figure out this distant learning thing together I'm not a perfect home schooler my son is not a perfect home school student and sometimes we get mad at each other in times we need breaks from each other but we're cooped up in the house one thing we try to do is yoga breathing deep breathing boot camp which helps but there are days we just skip it all together we have our good days and we have our bad days and sometimes those things are the same days we play board games like exploding kittens Catan clue yam slam at which my son loves but in all honesty there evenings right just want to be by myself away from my husband away from my son and watch my fix it up home shows and we're spending a lot of time together despite the sometimes how mad weekend but most of all and most importantly I worry about the short and long term impact the lack of human connection will take on my son our children and our city and the adults in less than three weeks whether it is major or minor our lives have been interrupted thanks this is all to keep us physically healthy S..

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