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Get your job money back guarantee because we have been to Mexico workforce connection Maria Herrera they have so many job you want to drop you want a better job you want another job you want a new collar blue collar white collar we'll get you a job Paul are higher reading in Santa Maria how are you thank you for having them got sure how are you I'm good excellent good morning you know I thought we things were going to warm up I thought spring no in the air home knows his snow like hell this week his nose day tomorrow in and then the end of the week but I thought the groundhog didn't see a shadow groundhog is high right yeah I just need to stop following that holiday yeah yeah so you got a John first what are we talking about that you write two young ladies in with the rod and Jennifer and Gabriella and there with federal agency they have federal money for we bring them in now absolutely I would love to have them pick on Jennifer first Jennifer to grab the microphone tell us about your program and welcome to the show Jennifer our work to yes thank you so we are with we owe us so we are we well yes however we are you still with the New Mexico workforce connection basically we have different programs however the program that I myself work is basically helping students with their books and tuition college students are high school students college always different yes I it's however it has to be their core classes nine they cannot be any pre rex community college yes so we work with other community college we will work with the vogue college of cosmetology Santa Fe school of massage we have different options right Saint John's I'm not too sure about that one off the top nor the medical college yes okay yeah so tuition and books yeah how to people fly so they have to attend an orientation first of all and we actually have one tomorrow good timing them yeah so we have one tomorrow and then the next one's going to be March tenth all right each time that we do have an orientation we have two per day so if anyone's interested they can go at nine AM to ten AM three oh one west of Argus street that's going to be the mayor is office yeah right the main office and then we also have a second one from four to five at the community college ninety ten tomorrow morning yes three oh one west of Argus Mike echo were first connections across the street from the from the skate park in behind cal girl right off the river okay does it cost anything no you have to sign up before hand they do not have to sign up beforehand I always make sure yes now them they have to noon fortune coffee no snacks no water no coffee urn you're welcome to take some of you can you can bring your own donuts and coffee for the all right so you have to go to the orientation and then you'll find out how to apply to get tuition and books paid for yes will give all the information that a student needs for how many for how many quarters how many units how many years I'm it just depends on the course itself if a student is going through the nursing program it's about four semesters or so however I don't believe we pay for the fourth semester it it's important to know is it's only for it and associates so we cannot pay for anything higher than an associates okay but that's good started way right yeah that's certifications to right right certifications associates just unfortunately not like a bachelor's or is this is this means tested basically you have to really really need it no no I'm in all right through a good way to be geared towards an occupation in demand right yeah there you go healthcare certainly yeah absolutely yeah or teachers there you go okay I'd I'd say health care for sure that's coal miners lumberjacks not so much now now I have seen them however pay for cosmetology yeah yeah I'm at the vocal yeah right yeah we do help pay for students at the vogue college okay mythology so you can cut you can show up tomorrow at nine AM yes Barton work first connections office three oh one west of Argus don't have to sign up didn't cost anything it ring on coffee but it's about an hour long and you'll learn how to apply to get free money for education right and then there's also the one at four at the community college all right and then get real what is your program so I help you who are sixteen to twenty four year olds who are low income with barriers to employment so they have to be sixteen to twenty four so some ask can my fifteen year old daughter go in and apply it no they have to be of age to work sixteen meet sixteen yeah exactly what appeared to employment for sixteen year old soul a very lazy no a very here is someone with maybe they're homeless or if they're dealing with you know sections issues yeah or not no not quite but maybe have recovered or someone that is referred from the juvenile probation okay yeah our someone that has a disability are there many of these people you describing in Santa Fe yes okay yeah that's too bad yeah sixteen to twenty four yes and also I mean sixteen to twenty four yeah fifteen not twenty fine yeah exactly so we and then we can also go all the way to twenty four so as you know during that everyone comes and asks can you know even though I'm twenty four and a half yes you can okay until you're twenty five you're good to go yep all right and would you give them so basically we do it's depends on whether they're in in school or out of school youth so in school get approved for two hundred hours which is around six weeks twenty hours a week at eleven eighty an hour drive and then out of school which means either they have graduated or they have going for their high school equivalency are get approved for four hundred and twenty hours which is around eleven twelve weeks the same thing alive twenty hours a week eleven eighty an hour okay and then how to people find out about this program of what I'm doing now is that reach I go around the community and try to get as many people to know about what we do and to offer our program to that isn't online anywhere it is not okay so we go based off of you know my flyer right here and I give my email yes we are and what is your email address it's G. Flores F. L. O. R. yes at fair which is S. E. R. jobs for progress which is J. F. P. dot org I was that long yeah but if you leave it with me people can email addy Richard Santa Fe dot com and I'll get get them in touch with you yes okay well Richard remember they're they're in the.

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