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McAllister, Rocky Boy, When we ride till nine tonight, three full hours. You know, as I was thinking about this show coming in on the fact we've We've been in different studios doing this and obviously we're not on remote. But a shout out and I miss him. And I think you know I speak for you as well. Adding Crystal, who used to always sit at the bar crystal one. The giveaway like every week, you know, I wanna frame to print and it was the big Buckeye fans. So crystal and Ed, if you're listening. Ah, we missing We're thinking about you and Brad Shell, who would always sit in the back and he would mess with me on the names. I'd pull out for the prizes, and he would Like Vladimir's Party, Brandon Earth or Carlson and and I don't like, shout out for that. You know this prize Arthur Carlson, and I'd look around the crowd and nothing that he just be sitting there, laughing. Then it would hit me. He was talking about the big guy from W therapy in Cincinnati. So there's absolutely on Offensive line issues I want. I want you to take a listen to what Joe Mixon said today about the frustration of not being able to get the running game going and then I think there's a couple off shoots to that we can get into here's Joe when asked today with the media if it's frustrating right now falling behind and not being able to run the ball, and all that goes with that. Uh, yeah, Definitely. You can get frustrating at times, but I mean, also, you've got a nota situation. So you know, it's been kind of tough. Like you said, if I'm from behind, but at the same time can't put ourselves in that position. So That's the consequence when you plan from by going to that's unacceptable for us. That's not what we should be right now. But that's the situation we're in right now. So at the end of the day, you always want to go out there. Just go when one day at a time, So you know the way we preparation throughout the week. We've gotto go ahead and apply it to the game. And can be playing from behind can be having mental mistakes, mental errors and penalties and stuff like that, because, you know, awesomely costumes, So we got a down on that and, you know, be more disciplined. But you know everybody's taking accountability with themselves in each position room and even with the coaches, so I believe it will be in a good A good spot this week. Joe Mixon talking about the frustrations and and rock. Everybody's number one talking point is the offensive line and and When we've talked about it, as long as we've talked about it week after week, year after year, I almost struggle to think of what is new to say about the offensive line, which which you brought up this week when we were kind of comparing notes. No one thing. No, I don't think the Bengals Have had to turn away from the run because there's you know, blown out so much they they have to mean you look at the game last week in the second quarter there down 21 13, and that's not agree. Sizable amount where you have to abandon the run their abandon the run because it's not working. Right. And what? What? What? The only thing that's really working right now is Joe Borough on the short and intermediate passes. Yeah, so I think there's something to be said about maybe trying to hang in with that run game a little bit longer. Obviously, that depends on the results you're getting, but I mean, that is the most Russia import. Lance's What can change at this point, right? The only thing that was different about this line from last year. OK, you get Jonah Williams. That's a pretty big when you get Xavier Su'a Filo, and then you get 1/7 round pick, but the amount of over all that You and I think a lot of people thought this line needed didn't happen. Bangles had two choices in the off season. Do you address the run defense or do we address the offense of line they chosen addressed the defense. They spent a lot of money so In the day. You know you're going to get so good unless you bring different guys in. I mean, you gotta challenge those guys. You got to coach him up and, you know, I think you know the left side's playing pretty good, but outside the calories in common is what it is what it is. They are what they are at this point. And I was struck by how you phrased it in the mail this week in terms of protecting the investments you've got, Joe Burrow and you've got Joe Mixon who you invested four years 48 million in you invested in a number one pick in the draft in Joe Burrow and yet You've left him hanging for for lack of a better word with a with a piecemeal offensive line that you're right there. Yeah, I almost feel like it's it's kind of like rearranging the chairs on the deck chairs on the Titanic. We get excited about the littlest old Fred Johnson's gonna get a shot at right guard again or, well, Alex Redmond was signed to the practice going. I mean, we went there. What are we doing here? I like unnoticed respect Alex Redman. I like an Alex Redmond toe. Juan de Peralta, the former Reds picture the Reds would keep wanted Peralta round despite the lack of results, and it would drive me crazy, and I would say it's a sure sign. You're not doing enough to develop better players. If you have to keep going back to a Wandy Peralta or a Cody Reed or somebody else. And I would make the comparison Alex Redman, if if if you have to keep going backto Alex Redman, What does that say about the state of your offensive line? In the way your organization has scouted, drafted, developed and prioritize the position that you have to keep going back to Alex Redmond and then also, that point is, there's no really guy on this roster. Realign. Why don't we give him a chance? To be honest? Given everybody a chance, and you know, and God loving that they're doing what they can. But outside of bringing in some free agents, you know, trading for somebody. I don't which is likely not going to happen. I don't see how it gets better. And I will say this I think A little bit falls on Joe Mixon in that look, I'm of the opinion. You pay a running back. To make things happen when the offense when the line and the blocking isn't quite as good If you have amazing offensive line, you don't need to pay a Joe Mixon. Right. You could get a Nordic Sanders kind of city, right? Exactly. So I think Joe Mixon Khun. Maybe be a little more expected of him, too. Hey, man, we're paying you this money because we think you have the ability to succeed without Having a top tier offensive line..

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