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The morning zoo, you ever imagined in your head the situation or scenario lake if somebody were to attack you how you would handle it like when you do it the most when you're probably walking out of a place late at night or something downtown, and it's kind of creepy looking you have to play out the scenario when you had like if somebody were to jump out of these bushes and grab your right now, what would ideal right. Limit the movies you ever go to the movies and before the movie star sitting there, and you kind of look around going. Okay. What if some nut bar rain into this theater? What would I do? Sometimes do that. Here's another scenario you might play out in your head. Sometimes what if I got carjacked what if I was stopped at this late in the guy came running up to me, you know, why I think about this life because when we come to work in the morning, it's like four in the morning, and it's very dark out. And you figure if something bad's gonna happen. This is probably where or when it's going to happen. So this restaurant manager in Saint Louis named Jonathan NetCom got carjacked on Monday. He was sitting in his car on his break Monday night when the carjacker walked up with a gun and told them get out. So he did he tried to reason with the guy come on, man. This isn't worth it. You don't want this? It's not worth it. And the guy responded by trying to shoot him in the leg. But luckily gun jammed so at that point Jonathan took his car keys and tried to Chuck them on the roof of the restaurant thinking well. Yeah. This guy's gonna leave. Now. He's got no car to steal. But he which is pretty clever. He didn't get him far enough the car keys came crumbling down to the ground. They ended up on the ground next to the building and the carjacker grabbed them. But while he was rushing over to get them. He dropped his phone and Jonathan grabbed it, then they started negotiating. Police probably could've used the phone ID the guy it's not clear if he realized that or not, but in the end, he agreed to trade his car back for the phone, and then ran off and the cops are still looking for the guy. So it was like look at your phone. Yep. I want my car back up, and it actually worked believe it or not. So I love how you said they were negotiating it's like, listen. Does your phone mckee's looks time in Saint? I'll no you exactly when we come back next on z morning zoo after all the drama over Kevin Hart as the host or not of the Oscars. Would you believe he wasn't their first choice? Plus Miley Cyrus is going into the studio with a man, and we have to and we have another right now. Yeah. Okay. And one more thing we're talking about the controversial thing that you're finding on delta flights this month that people are taking pictures of art. Let's get to throwbacks. Let's see where we go the three and four. Okay. So here are your choices for throwback battle round three. Will it be option number one? Willoughby option number two. All right. So the.

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