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With him and stuff like that all the time and and he he lives he's just like all of us he lives and dies with every single play which is so great. That is great to see and meanwhile, Derek birth. You're just kind of calm and quiet and watching the game and every once awhile, he'll throw out something like oh they just ran that set and they should have done this this and this here and and so he's really good boy. He breaks things down. And by the way James Brown was there as well and he is as loud and animated and as cheerful as as he comes across on on T. He just it's just who he is, which is very cool. Oh, that's awesome. Awesome. So let's get into a few other comments here where we where we call it an evening and we still have to get to the Master Lock of the night people asking what can we do as far as trading Gasol? Yeah, you're probably not trading them at this point a veteran minimum salary. Ricky Gilbert says Gasol should be able to guard jokic. Yeah. I mean that that's really what you got Marcus. All right specifically for that kind of a matchup for Nikola jokic for perhaps Jusuf nurkic, the bigger centres that you could run into in the NBA, maybe even a rude dog. Bear you might have to have deal with that. So there are some centers that they that are not that quick that Gasol might be needed to deal with in the NBA Playoffs. There are some matchups where he doesn't look good tonight. I thought was kind of one of those nights and frankly. We're seeing him not look good more often than not but there's also some very specific matchups where you might wind up glad that you had him. Now, that doesn't mean they don't need to go find somebody else though. And again, I do think the Lakers are dressed that on the buyout market and less something just Falls abruptly cuz lap before the trade deadline, which is Somebody said poor Gasol. He's getting hammered nightly. I know I don't want to you know, I really, you know, I'm really curious though to see him in that matchup. I mean maybe if we took I don't know what our next match up is with the Nuggets, but you know, maybe it'll make us feel a little better if we see him a good showing against Joker cuz you know, the only thing you had me thinking about was like, okay, I'm thinking back to what we had before and you know, Javale McGee was getting bullied by what guy you're referring to so, you know, maybe if we think it's all in some matchups like what you're saying that kind of our little more suitable for him a better matchup, you know, maybe we'll feel a little better. I mean probably not cuz I know you know, we've you know, it's been kind of tough these last few games watching him, but I don't know man. It looks like he could just use like to lose a good fifteen or twenty pounds. Honestly, it would probably help them out a lot. Well, so I've got you know, when we look at Marcus all it would take a really monstrous performance from him. I think in order to turn around some of the negativity that we see around him, which I still think is a bit overblown. I think people don't give credit for the things that he does. Well, for example, the Hawks wage and they the Lakers just put gas. All right, as a free throw line right in that high post exactly what they should do. He got the ball. He didn't even hesitate the ball was in his hands for less than a second and here I full. Out to the Ball out to the corner for a 3-pointer the Lakers psyche. He picked that zone apart in a second and there's very few centers in the NBA that can do that..

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