Palmer, Kurt, Ryan discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


To bring the palmer shrank kurt to the rules committee was you know summer claiming this is a good improvement others a claiming this is an illusion that this was a member driven process when it was really a top down a a leadership driven process and some criticism that the bill crafted by by speaker ryan and the house energy committee chairman great walden and the house ways a means committee german kevin brady did not do that so you know this goes to what i've been complaining about from the very beginning and that is the process of how they've done this whole thing it makes absolutely no sense but you high to bill you go score it nobody reads the bell rumors of flying all over the place about what's in the bell and the bill comes out than the rumors a confirmed you have not won single group within the caucus or the conference that support said and then you put the president it but the bill the presidents hands and say this is this has all the things that i wanted in there and meanwhile then it's a three stage processed actually get to where you want now it's down the two stayed process so that they're making some headway here but i think one of the big obstacles and all this is you know on the one hand you don't want democrats that what pretty much everything paid for by everybody else and they want redistribution a wealth in this bell and that was one of the big problems of obamacare which was the young on the health they were pain for the sick the elderly in the disabled and meanwhile you have yet but you're certainly going to need some high risk polls but i think that was already taking care of an the bell one those a preexisting condition he can't ignore those people and the people that can afford anything but the amount to say beings that is so relevant to moving onto their economic planned to get the economy juiced it just becomes troublesome that after eight years this a where.

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