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And, eventually, you'll figure it out. Yeah. There's something I learned. You know I'm really personal development and One thing I've heard is there's just in case learning and there's just in time learning and so many people are so focused on just in case which here would be serving getting out of your car surveying the landscape and just learning just let's just forget what. We need to do to get from here to here right and we get from here to here. Then once there we'll figure out what we had to do next. Exactly right? Yeah I love it. So you need to have a crm when you're doing all these deals. Amazing. So all right. So she helped you with the CRM organizing your business at that point. what was your overhead? So she was an an annual salary of but right before hiring her was your overhead. What was the bill monthly overhead? We were spending about twelve and marketing total overhead for the business was probably about fifteen sixteen and that's predominantly mailers. Yes. Okay. So you hire her she organized your life and the and the you said that your business even even crazier it did. All right. So what happened? Yes. So what happened was she started handling some of the transaction coordination. She started handling a lot of the things that were diverting my attention from acquisitions. So brought her on an annual salary and I mean it paid for itself immediately because I was able to get more deals under contract. And then really to be honest the next higher that completely changed everything was dispositions mostly because I hate dispositions the thought of going into someone's house while they're in there and showing it to twenty potential buyers to me is it's a nightmare it's just not something I look for too stressful to you then calling someone that's appropriate. Yeah. Yeah. Amazing. Yeah. I. Don't know what it is I. Just I get really anxious when I go into someone's house and I'm bringing buyers and so. In that's even after telling the sellers. Hey, this doesn't fit model I'M GONNA, share it with some of my financial partners still I just get an uncomfortable vibe. So I brought in someone to do dispositions she also took over transaction coordination fulltime. So now I've somebody organizing my marketing somebody answering the phone somebody telling me who I should be calling because I've at legit crm somebody handling the transaction coordination and somebody doing the dispositions. Now I'm full steam ahead on marketing excuse me on acquisitions and It really started to take off. Okay. So you're office manager how are you compensating her thirty thousand dollars a year when I hire she since gotten raises. But yeah. When I first hired her thirty thousand dollars, a year hired off indeed interviewed about eight people and. She's been a godsend tremendous and disposition person. So I actually went on facebook on the investors page and I put hey, any agents interested in selling my deals. at the time I was I sat pay five hundred dollars per deal. and you're responsible for finding a buyer and transaction coordination. So funny like twenty agents were like, yeah. Five hundred dollars. Why would anyone do that for five hundred dollars? Well, we're doing fifteen deals a month. So I mean I know what? Make so I didn't want to disrespect anybody but I had a handful of people reach out talked to three or four brought on a girl who was not only an agent but was working towards her brokerage license and she just she knows all the INS and outs of real estate and she's a hard, ass. So she's perfect for tips positions even though I love her, she's a hard ass and so now that I had that off my plate, I knew. We were maximizing what we could get for deals. Again, get my focus backed acquisitions I just wanted to be in the house now, I don't ever want to be in the house I that that's not where my time is best served than I. I've been on an appointment a long time. So which average fee was approximately before you hired her yeah eleven five and what would you average after thirteen to fifty? Okay. So it's more than herself and she saving you time definitely. And headaches I mean that's one of the things I was at a point where when I first started I, wanted to be everyone's friend and so you get someone calls you and says, Hey, that deal you just put out I'll take it. Okay. Why have six people scheduled to go over tomorrow at ten o'clock? So I'll see there no no. I'll take it. You're done. That's it and I really would take it personally I'd feel terrible whereas Tina she has no problem saying, no, no no, we'll see tomorrow. And we show the property and so it's made a huge difference for us. That's awesome. Yeah. Okay. So we'll volume were, are you doing at this point after you hired her? Yeah we were right around like eight to twelve deals a month give or take, and then what was your key next milestone next milestone was hiring acquisitions. is so nervous despite doing eight to twelve deals a month I really felt like I just didn't have enough meat on the bone to hire somebody and I didn't WanNa hire somebody and not have enough leads for them I. think that's everyone's fears. I'm GonNa Bring this person on who has a good job WHO's making good money and I'm GonNa make them this promise of coming on board here and and they're gonNa make money, and then not have leads form But when I took the leap I brought on to at the same time I just felt like one of them's probably not gonNA work out. Let's bring him on and I'll be able to judge and. I luckily, I had kept really good KPI's on my my wife had kept really good KPI's on my performance leading up to this. So I, had I knew what the bar was set at at least. I. Knew what I thought the gold standard was. So I thought I'll bring to on they'll kind of compete a little bit and one of them's not gonNA work out. Luckily they both worked out and as they crushed as awesome. Yeah. So what is since you've hired them what is your deal flow like now? So. Since we hired them, we actually hired another acquisitions person we have three. We have junior acquisitions. We have a creative guy deal flow now is more like anywhere from twelve to twenty. This month is insane..

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