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And he says guys do you think it was hanky is at seventy two percent do you think the colangelo story was about hanky and so this no wait a minute i'm not dumbing keep everyone updated on the poll hold on a second as that happens okay we've finally we break down the barrier of ignorance and selfabsorption thank you and say to stu gods stu gods were asking you which sound you want on save it and his immediate pivot after a lifetime doing this as kyw's really you don't know what my take on this yet and that's fair that's fair criticism from him here mo at that point was cited was to god's he's like you know what they we know we've known this creature for long enough so go bike play this and they wanted without asking him and we all know what the take is going to be let's do it let's play one of our old in greatest i wish to change i don't think it should be our main exchange rope five we agree in the sec at these meetings that we're going to have free agency in our league and everybody can go wherever they want to go when they graduate matched what's best for the game and i think that's what we should do than brandon candidate can go wherever he wants to go but if we don't do that why is it on me because we have a conference in that says he can't do it and he can't do it but he's supposed to sit out for you so why is it on me.

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