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Couldn't give them three or four factor they can remember in the next time the next time they confronted with this lye certainly why don't we start with whether that is global warming is not a good place to start we had always talk about global warming yes yeah well yes that has to be and it began three hundred years again at the end of a period of unusual cellular activity the sun had been very cool that had be no sunspots of that for me let us so love war coming to the planet for about seventy years from sixteen forty five until seventeen fifty in that period with none of the Morinda minimum off to the US economy who investigated it a couple centuries later and it was also known as the Grand minimum because during those seventy year as I you need to remember this point is quite important one the sun was at its least active for ten thousand years oh my god and the Thames in London and the Hobbs Hudson in New York used to freeze over every winter they would freeze over right across because it was so cold in the winter then what happened is the sun began to pick up its activity again very suddenly a little flicker in seventeen hundred men for sending fifty knowledge it really began to to take off its activity again I did too but he went on climbing and climbing and within the first thirty five years of the eighteenth century the the temperature in central England which was the first one to be measured by the moments as revenues by four degrees Fahrenheit in thirty five years that is the rate of warming nine times as far as the rate of warming in the middle of the twentieth century and that was before the industrial pollution began to counter let's slow down that's fantastic so between seventeen fifteen and seventeen fifty the temperature in England rose four degrees centigrade which is a greater increase in temperature at the van what were you saying please I think it's not that with that rate of increase in temperature over thirty five years from seventeen hundred to seventeen thirty five walls nine times greater than the rate of increase over the head of the twentieth century and that was long before all we could have had anything to do with it the doctor revolution hadn't even become CO two in the atmosphere had not changed and yet temperatures suddenly went up by four degrees Fahrenheit in thirty five yes hi Andy just over one degree Fahrenheit in the of the twentieth century so the temperature of the of the atmosphere is going up only one degree in the entire twentieth century one point three to be exact I think oh my god and we're not talking about some huge global warming here but what we what we are talking about is a warning that began three hundred years ago and has continued ever since I've been average rate of kind of one degree one and a half degrees Fahrenheit century for three hundred years it's very rare that we.

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