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Brian, Assault discussed on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams


We last checked in with you Brian? We absolutely did because about five minutes ago. We heard a succession of gunfire from what sounded to be inside the third precinct which is just beyond this parking lot. Here I looked at my security team I said is that what I thought it was. I said that sounds like an assault rifle and at that point we left the rear of the building where we were and we came back to this intersection where we're standing now. We haven't heard a repeat of that right now. I'm listening to glass being broken because about twenty yards behind me if we could just flip the camera around and RV's that had been boarded up in hopes of protecting that business is now being broken into as dozens of people swarmed that entrance there and that is really the scene block by block in this part of the city. Right now Brian. Because now for going about an hour I have yet to see any police presence of any kind had seen some cruisers in the distance of a half hour ago expecting them to roll into this area and set up a perimeter of it. They have yet to do that. And just a quick look down this street. We're standing on right now. You'll see that. A flame stretches across the entire width of it. That is how typically police would come into the.

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