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I mean we're talking about a positive eternal sense of what marriage actually is and that's why it's not one of those issues to me that we can just say well. Yeah sure we kinda disagree on that but that's just a peripheral issue. I hope i'm not trying to make too big of a deal of that though people would accuse me of being political for doing so. Well i mean eventually because these issues come down to policy they become political. And there's no way to deal with these issues honestly without running the risk of saying you're being political. Yes i believe. The law should protect. For instance. The life of the unborn. If you want to call that political. I'll say to my critics yes. I want that to be policy. Politics is the way that establishes policy. But you know when you're talking about the for instance the you hear these people especially and by the way it's not so much these days the lgbtq secular activists community. That i think is our problem in the sense of most of our immediate arguments. It's what kind of leftist evangelical who style themselves that way. Who want to say well. Yeah maybe it's true that they're just like the seven clobber scriptures coming number one just in terms of of our understanding in the bible. If there was just one sentence in the bible that this is wrong then it would be eternally wrong because god said it but we're not just talking about seven clobber scriptures. The way they they try to dismiss them in in the new testament in particular there is a use of vocabulary. That frankly is so candid. Especially in paul the the languages so candid that no doubt what we're talking about here people would try to say you know the the the bible. The older the didn't know about the idea of sexual orientation or yeah paul did. That's exactly what paul's talking about. He's talking about those who are burning with passion both men and women for others of the same sex he. He understands what he's talking about and all that to say that our understanding of scripture comes down to whether or not we just start up saying we know that god's given us not only what he has spoken to us but all that we need. This is the sufficiency of scripture. We have an all we need to understand these things. The bible's not going to be corrected by modern medical arguments. Not going to be corrected by the sexual revolutionaries. I'm going to be corrected by the divinity school at harvard The bible is gonna stand just as it is. We're not in need of some kind of therapeutic knowledge from the twenty first century to help us to understand what god really intended. Yes and i think it's important for us to just to reemphasize that truth. When it comes to the christian life is not separate from love so we don't talk about this and say this is how we hate people or this is how we other is people or we are emphasizing this sin as the chief centre or anything like that. The reason that we're talking about this so much is because it is such a pressing cultural issue..

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