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You're a major developer Well, then Bill de Blasio has been great. He's done everything you wanted him to do. You know, he lets you get out of jail easily. The police after you, Uh, if you're in the union, he gives you fat contracts and so forth and so on. And so that's his real constituency. The average New Yorker Natale, He hasn't He hasn't really done a lot for But you know, he he can't bear full responsibility for the no bail laws. I mean, that was passed in all, but he wasn't it. I mean, I'm sure he was cheering, cheering it on. But I mean, that's Cuomo has two and the legislative leadership have to assume some responsibility for that, don't they? Oh, absolutely. I mean, de Blasio is like he's I call him the fruit, flower and fragrance of the progressive ascendancy, So, but there are many things that he's responsible for two. He decriminalized a lot of quality of life offenses. He put the NYPD under a federal monitor. Which gets to just, you know, scrutinize all of its procedures. He, uh, he did away with the terrorism unit, too, didn't he? That was one of the first things he did of the He got rid of the anti crime unit. He got rid of the what they call the demographic unit, which yes, looked looked for terrorists and there was a terrorist attack under de Blasio, that fellow To, uh, ran on a Halloween who ran over a bunch of people on the West side highway. Um so, yeah, to blast you. You can't blame him entirely. But he certainly has done his share. Decriminalizing public urination. I mean, what is disgusting thing to do? Uh, Getting rid of qualified immunity so police can now be sued there personally liable. If somebody doesn't like the way they were arrested, that's on him closing Rikers Island that's on him. But no, absolutely. You're totally right. The city and the state are completely controlled by hard left. So called Progressive Democrats. Who have codified chaos. And essentially made it impossible for the next mayor. To rein things in who Who is going to be the next mayor? By the way, and can you even can you even predicted with this ranked choice Voting, which is been such a disaster wherever it's been tried, whether it's California or Maine or it's going to be a disaster. I'm sure in Alaska as well. We were lucky to get rid of to stop it here in Massachusetts. Who do you who do you think is the favorite to become the next mayor? Well, at this point, it does seem like Eric Adams is leading in the polls. He's the Brooklyn borough president and former cop people feel good. Former cop, so people feel like maybe he'll do a good job. Given that he's a black man. He won't face the same kinds of racial demagoguery if if he cracks down on crime. He's a very strange fellow. You know, he's been living out of Borough Hall. I think for the last year Uh, he he's not dark. Um, the other candidates. Nothing too promising. There's this gal Maya Wiley, who was De Blasio is lawyer. She's atrocious. She's a creation of George Soros. God, her father founded the National Welfare Rights organization in the sixties. Which was a big Very hard left organization trying to organize Welfare recipients as a political force. Um, So this is that's where she comes out of, and you know, now she's supposedly gaining momentum. Uh, so it's It's not a pretty picture, Howie. Is there any way Any kind of conservative could be elected in New York City and a ribbon in New York state, for that matter. Well, you know, I can't say that it's impossible. But if it's not looking likely, the problem is, you know, as happened up in your state or in Boston with Mayor Curley Many years ago, he drove out all the Protestants who wouldn't vote for him. Right. Uh and Essentially, we've seen the Democrats in New York, driving out anyone who can't stand their policies so Lot of you know, they basically elected the new people. And what we're left with are the people who like it. Uh, so the difference is hard to imagine set the difference in Boston being it's gone now. But as the Yankees retreated, they retained control of the police department, the liquor board and the finances. You know, so they kind of like built in a buffer. There's none of that in New York, though, is there Um the police are still you know. Pretty solid. But, yeah, I would say it's true. The the entire I compare it to. You know what we talked about in Washington over the last four years with the deep state there's a kind of municipal deep state. In in New York City comprised of the in public sector employees. There's numerous non profit organizations that get massive Funding from the city and the state which have tremendous power. Academia. The media. These are all, uh, These are all this is a huge nexus of power that can influence the way things work. Um so and I can't and the bureaucracy so I can't imagine anyone coming in and you know, fighting back against it very effectively, At least not right Now we're talking to Seth Baron. His new book is the last days of New Yorker reporters true tale. He de Blasio was has talked about running for governor. That's not a realistic possibility. Is it next year? No, it's an absurdity. He's not very popular in New York City, and he's loathed outside of the city. So you know, I think he's just playing games and sort of tweaking his former boss, Andrew Cuomo. I mean, they hate each others are always trying to insults. Want to know I remember when he was elected. He just got into office and it was the winter obviously, and the first thing he did was he told the there was a snowstorm, and he told the plows not to go on to the Upper East Side. To somehow punish The most affluent residents of the city. And I I still I still remember that. Why would he? Why would he do something.

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