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It's to my current wife I called out my ex fiance's name yeah I think it Hey look at the roller coaster right down the gutter no one ever tell you it's going to be like now it's hard work so who you're with can you Anna Anna kid friendly even though it's not a kid topic can you explain how it happened yeah so we had gotten engaged that day and it was a great day I planted hours are meant to dinner got back to the house we were already engages were in the ring but we go back to my apartment and you know then I continued on and so right before it started to get serious I called out the wrong name and the names are not similar she stopped Ingalls wait what I know and then I tried playing it off because my ex fiance and my sister than have the same name I like not thinking of my sister yeah yeah you're a Democrat pro soon if we down to nine and you say you hate me and we go to bed angry knoll every day will be rye I'll be away promise some changes just need someone to show you one more.

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