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HASHTAG PR. Law Pot. That's Hashtag are L. A. W. P. O. D.. Dog What have you got going on? Yes, so I wanted to to talk about the Amy Cooper. Case I I know probably lawnmower listeners have heard about this or seen the video that was circulated quite wild, widely and social media in different different websites Sorry you'll have to you'll have to. This is new for me. I had actually heard this so yeah, walk us through. Okay, so well good. then. I can put you on the spot like you put me on the spot. A few times of the past at great so amy Cooper. Was a woman, she she. She lives in New York. She was walking her dog. In Central Park, specifically the Ramble, which as I understand is a location that birdwatchers liked to liked to frequent. On this particular occasion. She was walking her dog without a leash. And in the ramble. One of the one of the laws of the park is that all dogs must be leashed in the ramble There was a a man by the name of Christian Cooper. No relation to Amy Cooper who was doing that he was, he was in the ramble. He was watching birds and when he saw it. Amy Cooper's dog wandering around and. And effectively digging up the ground, and and compromising some of the natural habitat of the birds. He called out, and he asked her to put her dog back on its leash, and what followed Cam I could describe it to you, but really the best way to do. It is to just play the clip of a video that Christian Cooper himself films of the altercation. Right and I just WANNA say. You're going to hear the background kind of change change. And it's because I was boosting the audio because at times in this video she she's far away from the camera and she's difficult to hear so you'll hear it clipped, but I haven't removed any audio from this. It's complete. You'll hear that sort of jarring back and forth audio. Please don't come close to me. Please compose Lisa. Please don't come close. Please call the cuts. Please call the. An African. American man threatening my life. Please tell them whatever you like. ramble. Mass A. Recording. In my dog. African American. Accordingly. Dog Threatened by a man..

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