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The reality centrum right right I'm up a double secret probation many Winnie letter now they're talking about we're gonna put more stuff in your good but this that the other stay in a single lane make it keep it simple stupid for you to do this I said earlier I'll say it again I can did you say pick the thing that you want to do and stop trying to bring a we're gonna bring this and we bring this and we do this stay in it right don't be like Hey we're expanding our business is great we're Krispy Kreme were also now gonna make shampoo don't do that stay in the thing that you do make donuts make don't right it's one thing if you've got the public already clamoring for it and you just need that final nail in the coffin you're not going to get that right you got booted your job there you know and in this is the thing we talked about and it's the same thing with with them and their supporters right they're out there and you're like you're like well if you vote for trump you're racist and you know you got me head out there right go on a you know as it looks yeah I'm I'm just I'm I I've said it over and over again if you want to reach people if you want to get them on your side if you will insulting them is it going to do it and when you make it personal even if they know they're wrong or the person they're supporting is wrong what do you think's going to happen when you make a personal people are gonna dig their heels right so you got booted you along the way and several others who kinda hinted basically if you're trump supporter you pretty much a racist right that's not helping right rob Reiner same thing get out basically calls from supporters you know the yeah it's a pack with Putin or white supremacist if you want them on your side you don't insult and hence the reason that that they get in and I want to see what takes place Thursday night CNN is going to give an hour to Nancy Pelosi and nothing else going so I can give her now what are you gonna do are you going to give an hour to her to see me all about impeachment thank you probably want to get some other things out there she's got a race that's coming up how is this going to work where are they going to go with this but is she gonna try to bridge the gap because what I hear in the battle same thing with the public so the publicans with that with the black vote and and a lot of the they've not trying to bridge the gap in so many ways they both feel like they've given up in the never gonna reach the other side so the best thing to do is the insult the other side but if you want to get people on your shot you better figure something out at the end of the day the public was going to be the jury and you needed sixty five seventy percent of the public you had fifty but you had fifty from the night he was elected because that's how tribal would become and that's how yeah that's how emotionally charged it was and the other half maybe there was a time you could have done some stuff but after assaulting them for months and months and a few years they've eventually set I've had enough for moving on three two three five three eight twenty four twenty three ABQ events show your Twitter feel free to tweet me your love your hate I'm good fun stuff what's trending some fun stuff out there also got a pull up censure impeachment or nothing talk about that's rich events John find incredible deals on top brands during Macy's friends and family like an extra thirty percent off.

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