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308. It's Michelle Valenza and Jeff Adelstein, filling in for Dean, Minsky and Doyle today at 1 802 831, a 1.5. This is something the An article about this last week. Jeff that we never got to talk about. And how the governor wants tickets with fines for underage marijuana before he'll sign the weed, bill. Yeah, it's like, then I can't even fathom it. Yeah, Murphy. So those builders still sit on Murphy's death is marijuana building. We've been trying to pass for a billion years, and he says he won't sign you won't sign it unless they change the language so that there's fines for $250 for those under 21 caught with an ounce of marijuana. Five or less and announce and 500 possession of more than announce. Uh, this is so stupid. Like, who do you think? Smoking weed except teenagers? I mean, come on. So you gonna tell you what? I'm gonna go find the kids. I mean, for a number one. You're not finding the kid. You're finding their parents number two. What about college kids? So you're telling me some kid in college smoking a joint? You get fined $200 for smoking it. Murphy, is it moron? I you know, I've you know, I've been given this guy the benefit of doubt for everything Long period. This is the thing that is sending me over the edge. Lock me down for three months. I don't give a crap. Tell me that, Like some 19 year old, you'll get a ticket for smoking marijuana That's about to be legalized in this state. I'm done. He's over. When you mentioned two about like most cancel jurors. Yes, it's mostly there are a lot of teenagers, but I feel like it is people of all everyone smokes weed. Everybody spoke everybody. Everybody spoke where it's not. You mentioned just the teenagers, but I feel like everybody smokes weed. I mean, I'm not gonna say everybody, but so a lot of people. A lot of people spoke the people Dios of all ages, people that you didn't even know did do And whatever, Um So, yes. So you're right. It was the 250. For those under 21, then 500 for possession of more than an hour, one ounce So is 2 54 lessons that anything more would be $500 fine. Tell me this. Why? Who are they Heard it down. Who? The only person they're hurting. There's the parents. And you and all you know, not to mention not to mention this just gives cops reason to, like, Be like looking to break up kids looking to hassle kids, which is the whole point, especially kids in minority sections of the state, which is the corn Murphy. The whole purpose of the law in the first place was so that you know, it's gonna be social justice. Which is ridiculous, like exactly like alcohol, and if there's going to be underage, just stop it already. Just stop already. That's what I was talking about in the article. Okay, so we have you want to ask two questions, Jeff, or do you want to just focus on the natural? Have fun? Okay, Well, I don't know if this is fun. I don't want to know is what I want to 1 802 83115. We want to hear about your hassles with the man back in your high school teenage years Not necessary. Not even the police. Just the man. You're hassles with the man when you were a kid 1 802 83115 is a number I'm not busted. For what For? Sure. Okay. Yeah. You got pulled over for what you got Busted. For. What? When you were think back to when you were a teenager. What you got busted for as a teenager. Okay. How you got in trouble at school detention? You know what You know. How'd you get railroaded by the man had to get hassled by the police, and hopefully Hodges squirm your way out of it, because that's the best. Do you get when you win? 2831 on 1.51 802 831 on 1.5 is the phone number how you got busted as a team. For what? Like, what did you get busted for and didn't mess things up. It. Just it messed it all up. I mean, you're talking about a detention. I mean, are we talking about a high school detention or pulled over by the police and what you got busted for a teenage given example of how underage drinking or house party or whatever it was how the man came after me and how we won right High school high school senior year. It's like Mayor June. My buddy Mark comes in to school one morning, and when we're 18 years old in my school, If you have a note from your parents, you were allowed to sign yourself out. Okay. You know, it's kind of like, you know, you're only allowed 15 absences, but you're allowed to sell yourself out. So my buddy Mark, it was a school. It's like 7 45. He says We're having a party at my house. Tell everybody his parents are at work. They weren't even away. They were just at work. Okay, Because we're having a party at my house. Hell, everybody, Next thing you know, there is a line. Within 10 minutes. There's a line outside the attendance office. Probably 50 60 long of people signing themselves out. You know, underclass and found out they're just leaving the school and the principal doctors circus who hated me, and I hated him. He comes up to me because I'm like, kind of organizing a lot of giving people directions collecting money because I had a fake. I d and he goes. What's going on. I go. Everyone signed it out. Because there you can't sign now, Of course we've got we're all 18 would like to sign out. Fast forward a couple of hours we have a keg, the whole the whole thing. There's a raging party. My friend's backyard alone o'clock in the morning. Yeah, I'm on every I'm sitting next to the captain. This guy Jeff has got that Jeff was his big guy. He's a big guy, right? And he looked. He looked like a 30 year old and we're sitting there and some dude walks in the backyard. Here's what's going on here. I'm like, Who the hell are you? All right, I'll go. Who are you Write some old dude, and he's like I'm the truant officer, right? I'm little I'm sending to the keg and a guy. He identified them as the true Noser. I got nothing to worry about here, sir. We're all 18. We all signed yourselves out, he says okay, and he turns around and leaves. He left love. Are you kidding? I'm not getting you. He left tops never showed up. He wasn't there to bust the beer. He was there to bust people like who were not, you know who was said to be in school, but were all legally quote unquote there. We also on yourselves out. They never called. The police never called the police. That was the end of one of the great party..

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