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Before we get still to put this edition politics weekly we want to point you in the direction of us wants a square space scores spices awardwinning templates of the most beautiful way to present new ideas onlinethe square spacecom and enter europe occurred politics weekly to get 10 of your first purchase of a website or two main square space make your next move lakeeulex website the theguardian the lost dave campaigning breeze with the promise of a bonfire of human rights law from to re may on the exit of dianeabbott stepping aside after a difficult couple of weeks citing illhealth the east that any nauseous the politics all was it at the loss of jonesourjonathanfreedlandand we're joined in the studio by police billington former advisor to admit event and all columnist colleague refutation cairnerso we just hours left in the campaign theresamay's remembered simoni things that she meant to put the tory manifesto she wants more powers to deport foreign criminals and tougher controls on terror suspects if human rights doesn't allow she says she'll rip them up so matthewwhat do you think of this move it's a very late play in the campaign in the final stretch by theresamay is this something she was itching to do any way or is a change in strategy it's both i think it's a mistake as well she was going to which tried very hard to get the withdrawal from the europeanconvention on humanrights into the 2015 manifesto and has been agitating for this episode as homesecretary but there was a agreement in this government thelemay government her own government the echr reform was was going to follow brexitand so suddenly at the very last moment 1159visitliz an announcement that in fact is going to be a change in human rights law obvious in response to the terror attacks now that.

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