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My Astra from the pretty poly stakes back in June, le petit coco, beat my Astra there by half a length. Those with long memories will probably remember I was with my ostrich, I was a little bit disappointed, but she don't beat our beach. She was only beaten half, and then I do think she was beaten on merit. And when you look back at that rest, I was watching the replay of it early and I think like a tea cocoa one with a little bit more in hand than that half of them suggests to be perfectly nice and she's proven herself to still be in really good heart. There's no disgrace in finishing third to alpinista in the Yorkshire oaks last time. She's just a really likeable feeling. Isn't she la petite coca? And I think. I was struggling really tripping and has been in good form. I think this is more of a class test for Ross cabaret. She was behind my petite cocaine and my Astra in that pretty poly. Didn't think there was a massive amount of depth in here behind the likes of la petite Koko and Maya and I think my petite coco will confirm the form with William haggis Philly. Yeah, I'm surprised that liberty coco is my favorite. I mean, the only difference is that she's gone to York since then. But she did run into alpinista who is now arc favorite. Aside from bad for those who are actually pricing him up in the race. She's the outright favorite if you look at most sportsbooks. So I don't think she did a whole lot wrong that day. And if you're wondering where's Tuesday, late in the morning has told us that she goes for the pre FMI. A long shot. There is a possibility that history will join her only is supposed to line up here. The daughter of winter out of deep impact, that's a beautiful pedigree. Stunning pedigree. So there's a possibility that history will join her, but that's where Tuesday goes. And I don't know if le petit coco should be 5 to two. I don't know if they should be separated at the top of the bedding like that, but we'll see. Last year's going to romantic proposal. Is the 13 to two second favorite to go back to back in the Al basti equi world Dubai flying 5 behind the new sprinting star how I feel princess who beat Menzel then comes out wins a group on and then gets injured. So he's done and retired, which is an absolute blow. Royal claim is back. Highfield princess is two to one with kaluki and the outright favorite romantic proposal, bidding for back to back wins in this race, 13 to two, royal acclaim. Who let's face it was disappointing at York 7 to one. Moniz to 8 and a case of you for Adrian McGuinness. It's on a brief tirade because I'm doing the racing league tonight. And I can't help but going through the race. I'm having a lot of fun with recently. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Where are the Irish trainers that have signed up for it? The only Irish trainer from Ireland to have had a runner in the racing league is Jessica Harrington. But Joseph O'Brien and Donna O'Brien both trained winners on the opening night last year, neither of them have had a runner. And Adrian McGuinness is part of it. His name is on the website, Michael O Callahan, Mikhail Ford, they haven't had runners. And now this is tonight, which obviously doesn't count because they don't have a runner. They don't have anything entered. And then it's next week, and that's it done for 2022. So why are their names on the site, but yet none of them have sent a runner over for it? Marcus perplexed and doesn't know. I'm very, very confused. With you, I just find the whole thing perplexing really. I'd be lying if I said I'd pay too much attention to the racing league while it's been on obviously. I've done certain I've had to do certain races, report on certain races. On

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