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We are NPR for southern California's. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Lakshmi Singh. Steep drop in US stocks this hour, the Dow Jones industrial average is down five hundred seventy eight points or two point two percent at twenty five thousand three hundred sixty five NASDAQ is down more than three percent s&p off more than two point two percent. Investors are reacting this hour in parts of the escalating trade dispute between the United States and China NPR's. Scott Horsely reports both sides appear to be digging in China's finance ministry announced plans to increase tariffs on US imports in retaliation for the Trump administration's move last week to boost import taxes on Chinese goods. The administration's also preparing to add new terrace to some three hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese products that we're not already the target of import duties, President Trump downplayed the cost the tariffs to US consumers, arguing that China will pay the lion share eve. Even though most studies suggest the opposite is true. White House economic adviser Larry cudlow acknowledged over the weekend. The trade war carries costs for both countries. Scott Horsely NPR news, Washington, financial experts are urging investors to keep calm. Here's Art Hogan, chief strategist with national securities corporation, a long-term investors. Not listen to a lot of this noise will get through this. But right now one of the things with that was a positive is now a negative. That's really whistling the market. The Dow's down five hundred eighty two points now two and a quarter percent. Twenty five thousand three hundred fifty nine secretary of state Mike Pompeo has delayed his plan visit to Russia by a day. He will first consult with US allies before meeting Russian, president demeer Putin. NPR's? Lucian Kim reports from Moscow Pompeo's trip to Russia will be his first since becoming secretary of state last year, the Correa state Pompeo abruptly changed his travel plans canceling stop in Moscow and flying to Brussels instead. He still due to hold talks with President Putin in the Russian resort of social tomorrow, agenda items will be clashing positions on Venezuela, Syria and Iran as well as North Korea's nuclear program, which both Moscow and Washington oppose the Russian foreign ministry says Pompeo may also discuss a possible meeting between President Trump and Putin during the g twenty summit in Japan next month. Lucienne Kim and Pierre news Moscow. The US court is siding with iphone users who want to sue apple customers argue Apple's violating federal antitrust law by requiring apps species through its apps store and then making a thirty percent commission on purchases intern. Apple invoked, a decades-old supreme court ruling arguing that only direct purchasers in this case apt developers have ground soon. Not iphone customers. Apple stocks are down more than five percent. This is NPR news support for NPR comes from Yuma. A cloud based phone service for small businesses with features to autumn route and provide customary to call her Oma the smartphone for your business. More at OEM a dot com. From KCRW, I'm Cheri Glazer. With a look at state and local headlines lawyers for Felicity Huffman are expected asks for leniency. When the desperate housewives star appears in a courtroom in Boston today Huffman has admitted that she paid fifteen thousand dollars to recur daughters. SAT test in college admission scandal, prosecutors are seeking a sense of between four and ten months in prison because Huffman has agreed to plead guilty. Prosecutors have said they'll recommend a sentence at the low end of that range of men is among fourteen parents have agreed to plead guilty in the case overall. Dozens of parents are paying bribes to rig standardized tests and help their kids get into top universities as you just heard from NPR a big loss today for apple at the US supreme court. A split court ruled five to four the consumers can pursue an antitrust lawsuit. The claims apple unfairly monopolizes the sale of phones. The key issue is thirty percent commission that apple charges software developers who built iphone apps iphone user, say Apple's commission makes those apps more expensive and it's been eight years since Arnold Shaw. Scharzenegger wrapped up his term as governor of California. And during that time, there've been a number of changes at the state, capital the leg. Latest target something that may be near and dear to his heart Arnold. You may recall setup smoking tent where he light up cigars and carry out political negotiations. Now, governor Gavin Newsom is turning that area into a playground for kids the Sacramento bee reports, it's part of newsome's focus on family friendly policies in his revise state budget plan released last week Newsom also called for increase spending on childcare and early education expanding paid family leave and repealing the state sales tax on diapers. Checking up on those Monday morning freeways, while the roughest rides out there right now is on the southbound.

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