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And let me put up his picture whenever this gets ready to let me share. There we go. All right. I'll make a little bigger that's him there. I guess trae had already seen this because he said team America. He does. Why does why does Roper? Right. He like him like a SIMS character. Oh, my. Like I made him up, and I'm trying to work them up in the world the. Yeah, that's terrible. That's not a good. Look talk to your style. Going to be the Bill. The Bill of the ball. He like an extra member of color me bad. All right. Let's see we buy another one. How about? Police almost talk about some love guys K police say that man, drove a stolen car to jail to bond out his girlfriend who was arrested for driving a stolen car. Oh, that's now when I say to people beat together. So they gave brand are gone sixty seconds to like, we ought to steal cars. Get each other out here when he wrote up he was playing we belong together in the car 'cause that's birds of a feather. We got something in common. Roger Chan services can be used before a lot of things like providing the means. Okay. There's a sassy article. Let me get to the Duluth resident Derek Taylor. Canty twenty six and a Kira? Acharya cooper. Okay. So Derek Taylor..

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