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Hubner with you till the top of the hour. A big high school basketball fan now I used to go to a lot more games. The last couple of years or before the last couple of years. Let's couple of years have been little been slacking off by I have out state couple last couple of years. I haven't had chance to see Morgan park win and have had a chance to see curry win. And guess what they play each other in the Chicago public league championship later on today. Talk more about that. And the state tournament in ways they may be changing things we bring in Michael O'Brien from the sun times. Michael. How are you today? Doing great. I'm looking here. And we some other day we we could argue about Morgan park being in three a and or being in into and curry being in four. But anyway, that's that's a topic for another another time. Because because even more confusing. But let's we'll talk about the the today's gave us a four thirty start for Morgan parking curry. But you got a good good piece. The other day, you ask people on Twitter and on people were all jumping with all kinds of different responses IHS considering major format change to the state basketball tournament. Why exactly are they thinking about changing this up a little bit? Because things have gone really stale in Korea. Attendance has been declining for the last five years or so maybe even longer, and it's just a really clear when you're there that it it isn't working. I think there are lots of reasons for that one reason is they just have faced a fact finally that the NCAA tournament as everybody knows is a basketball monster and having your premier event during that tournament it'd be like having a football game in Super Bowl Sunday. It's just stupid and this new format where they have a week earlier and do it three days instead of two weekends of two days. Each wouldn't would guarantee that they're always finished before the NCAA tournament starts, which I think is key did part of this happened because they went from two to four classes. Yeah. I think that was a large part of it the two to four classes, he's a problem. But also, you know, if you think back years. Tournament is so much more popular because you can watch all the games now. Right. Which wasn't which wasn't true back. You know, ten fifteen years ago, you had to just watch the one that was on or the two that were on TV. So so that has changed a lot in Peoria has never really recovered from the recession it really killed downtown Peoria. And so it's just a lot less attractive of a destination now to move big AL's closer to the stadium. I didn't that didn't appear to help it all you look at it. And I used to go to champagne to and I thought champagne was a fun time when they had the two classes, I remember seeing you know. Kevin Garnett putting up his first three of the entire season is a mess as his team didn't go any further. And you know, seeing Tommy Kleinschmidt a bunch of other guys over the years. Is there a chance you think that if you know if it's not working in Peoria this? When would they consider changing this thing, it would be ill twenty twenty one is when this would happen? Okay. After twenty twenty. They're going to accept bid four from other towns bit again champagne has already said they're going to bid it's likely fear center here in Hoffman estates bid for it. And so they need a to pick a town. And I think by then they will already have decided on the format right now. They're just asking people about it. They're asking their members. What they think? So we'll probably know about the format change before we know where it's going to be held. Okay. The NC double A finally years ago. Got rid of third place games in the format that you posted here, the they still have third place games. Why in God's name would they consider it continue with the third place game? I think just to ruin my life. It was really silly. Yeah. It's a nightmare. And right now, you know it breaks up the title game in the current format. You there's a third place game in between the third and fourth three three and four eight hundred game. I don't know they say, the coaches are in favor of them coaches, love, consolation games, and all that stuff. I don't think the fan like it at all. I know I've talked to plenty of players over the years about third place and consolation games. And they all can't stand them. And the one I it did make sense in years past when you know what I used to love the tournament. Even though it was a little hard on the players when they would have eight teams playing quarterfinal games on Friday. And then the to the with the four winners would play on Saturday morning, and then you would play the championship game in a third place game at night that made sense because they were there already. Okay. There was on. What's worse for the kids though because the team would Lou. Yeah. Final. And then two hours later, they're back on the floor. Yeah. They really didn't care at that point. That was the same day. You didn't have any chance. Get your mind wrapped around it. Again. It was tough why mall third. I am too. Definitely without a doubt the way it's laid out here with the with all four classes the way you posted it you had Thursday the afternoon session. The one a semi finals tonight would be the two way. Semifinals Friday would be the third place games for the one eight into a and then the three semifinals in the afternoon. So there's three sessions on Friday. And what two and a half or three sessions on Saturday. It would be a little more confusing, especially in my opinion. If they moved it up Chicago because then you're going into a building like the Sears centre. There's one of the reasons I thought that champagne or Peoria work better. You could leave their go to a place a bar whatever within walking distance. You're the Sears centre you walk out of the parking lot. What are you gonna do? You're gonna leave do something else. I think if they do have this new format, I think Thursday and Friday attendance will continue to be dismal Saturday with four title game becomes the destination. There's no need to stay in a hotel, which I think people just aren't into coming down anymore. You know with the family and spending two or three nights in a hotel. Right. You know, things are tighter for people there busier, it's just not not any more. And I think it's time that the I understand that. And you have a beautiful one day event with four titled in a row that people can come watch. And I think that could be really exciting. Yeah. Michael O'Brien from the sun times joining us here on ESPN one thousand me and my buddies. We look forward to spending Thursday, Friday, Saturday doubt, NPR 'cause Lord knows. What else we have to do? But the one thing about that is you know, this year the NC double A tournament got pushback back. So actually this year, the the HSA three AM and. Four is going to be during the conference tournament finals and not the other one. So do you think that will improve the attendance at all? You know that happens every five or six years. I'm very interested to see what happens. You know? This is not a great year. We'll see what advances to stay at a lot of it depends on that, you know, just Franklin which teams are there. But he I'm very interested to kind of keep an eye on that and watch it has to help. There's no way of hurt. I remember years ago. I mean, you know, Sonny Cox used to load the buses up outside the king and bring buses bus loads of fans because a lot of them, you know, if a public school goes, they don't travel as well as some of the suburban schools and the he used a load buses out, but we used to act by buddy went over to the Westinghouse area. One time. He just got a Westinghouse hat his shirt because they were passing them all out is get brought a bunch of people down that was cool. But it doesn't seem like it happens as much anymore, especially if you've got two or three publicly teams downstate. Yeah. I mean, it's a challenge for that. Morgan park kid. I wrote a story ones would have to spend a total of sixteen hours on a bus to watch. If they played on the Friday and Saturday. They don't stay overnight. No one would do it. Are you know that the school can't afford it? It's just I it's really tough and we've seen lately, though, even some of the central Illinois. There. There aren't bringing in big groups of fans, which is the real problem. Yeah. People always ask us where do you get your tickets? I said we just we get in the building we sit as high as we can. So nobody bothers us because there's plenty of room to spread around. And you can just move from section to section. So the state tournament will be interesting. I know a lot of people that love the sport of high school basketball would love to see it in Chicago. I just don't think that makes sense. I know a lot of the you guys probably would love it because it's a lot closer. But it would just be a little more difficult as I think as we brought up when you're having different sessions and all that stuff. I know they've done it for the NC double A when they did it over at the United Center, and that was workable because there are enough places you can walk down, Madison and go to a restaurant or two and then come back leave your car parked there. But I think the Sears that are a little bit of a different story. Yeah. I have a gut feeling this is based on, you know, no sources. My gut tells me that in twenty twenty one we are in the one weekend format that they've proposed and we're in Champaign. Okay. Gives everything a real shot in the are. It just seems to make sense. I also think you know. As everything else in the world. It comes down to money. Sure. And the central Illinois towns hay day, just give a lump sum. Yeah. I just say in that bid. That's something that the Sears centre Chicago has not done, and I think that lump sum money might be in some trouble. Now, the Caterpillar has really kind of abandoned the town right today. The public league championship game Morgan park against curry. And I'm looking here. Two teams that are pretty hot Morgan park. Twenty two straight wins. Curry's never has not lost in the state from what I understand the one game. They lost was out of state. How do you see this game coming as a four thirty tip? You know, they've played in December eleven and one ninety four to sixty two complete but weapon that nobody saw coming curious pretty much the same team that they were down. They've been the same team all year, basically have really strong core of five guys Asia-one, Gordon, Kansas state, recruit their unselfish, they hustled or everything you want to see you in a high school basketball team, and they really moved the ball. Well, play hard Morgan park is a totally different teams since that game. You know, they've gone onto win the twenty two in a row, they have out of Miller who is as close to a superstar recurrently house in the Chicago high school basketball team, either junior he's top twenty in the country. He's scored thirty in the semi-final. And what's changed with them is big have grown up Carl Jones tile, Grover dishonor watchdog program guys, and they have really became valuable contributors, and they're gonna have a supreme size advantage over Kerry. So if they can utilize that had a Miller is hot. I kind of feel like curious the best team we have in the area. But Morgan park is playing right now. Okay. What is it? The Morgan parks done. They won the three a championship for the last six years is the coaching the players houses all work out. I mean, they had some great players. You know, I, oh, do you know who Charlie Moore who who's a candidate Marcus juniors? Pro now over in Europe, Nick urban knows how to get the most out of his kids. That's for sure they do get some key transfers every year. But I mean, truthfully three plus three is just really weird and really week. Yeah. I it's strange grouping, you know, two years ago in the super sectional, which is like the last eighteen we had like four or five teams under five hundred records. So it's strained. Maybe to move up. I ask Nick Saban about that in the press conference last year when he was proclaiming them to be the best team in the state. And I said, well, you're gonna move up four prove it because they can if they want right. He doesn't seem to have any interest in doing that. Yeah. I thought what he went from from two four was a bad thing because the two was truly the small schools, and the and the and the four was everybody else, and we enjoyed the the one of the two we enjoyed that so much more than when you split it up and all that stuff. And you know, we'll see again, how many how many teams from the publicly you see getting downstate this year. I think they're going to win two eight three four eight okay. Or is really good and their class to again, you know, they want it last year. I wouldn't be surprised Morgan part one three again Curie or young could win for a and then the wrinkle this year, we have an excellent class one eighteen in the city. It's not publicly it gets in the Catholic League for providence Saint now. Okay. Chinese school was like one hundred twenty five kids on the west side is probably the best team in Chicago could win all four classes this year. That'd be very interesting. I remember back in the day at the biggest thing was the only the publicly champion used to go, right? And now now it's completely turned around and changed in that made sense. Yeah. The best basketball play it downstate for the state championship. Michael. Appreciate it. As always one of these days. We'll get you on. And we'll sit around and talk Chicago fire soccer. Okay. Yeah. Yesterday. Stream kept stopping but other than that. I was doing. Okay, I can't moving around the house hoping to get it a little bit better. And they got to more preseason games before the regular season. So we'll talk about that some other time enjoy the game today. And we'll see what happens maybe Morgan park and make give curry game today. Thanks, fred. Thanks, michael. Michael O'Brien from the sun times..

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