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One hundred ten kids over small town Talent yeah it's pretty small. Yeah I mean it's these mountain towns Colorado a little different because it was like huge like area wise but like there's not many people because everybody has lands and stuff so it's Kinda hard to describe people don't know kind of what the mountains look like but yeah like five hundred kids maybe four hundred kids total in high school Pretty Small High School Close my family Parents did get divorced. You know when I was what was I. Sixteen fifteen sixteen. That was hard. Obviously specially in a small town. I think it makes it a lot harder and then from there. I went to college in Nebraska also another small college in the Midwest And then from them about Colorado after graduating there and lived in Denver now for about six years. Did your parents divorce have any affect on how you looked at relationships in love? Did you still want to get married at that? Point absolutely had effect on me because my parents definitely had they were married. Very Young They were together casualness. Eighteen years something like that. Eighteen years longtime like it wasn't like a Krino which inherited enemy and they were. You know definitely together for the kids for a long time and so it was almost when it finally they decided you know to kind of heart ways it hurts but saints. Who is best for everybody? And they're both very happy now literally in the next relationship they were into a been together since so For both of them so my mom remarried my dad now but dating you know same woman for ten years maybe maybe longer so So yeah it was. It was one of those weird things where it didn't make me not leaving love and not Li marriage because they gave you the best shot that lasts as long as possible. They raised me. My sister and stay together for US loved us. I was always in a very loving home. And then when they split up they still found remarried and found love again so definitely didn't affects. You Know My love life or anything like that. Tell tell us a little bit. More about what? It's like one of the things that I don't think we've ever discussed on an in-depth podcast though is As somebody's in highschool or late high school you know you had some traumatic experiences. I know it was public. That you were At School You're a senior when there was a school shooting At your high school In addition that obviously we just talked about the the separation of your parents For anybody out there listening. That's just like hey these feel like Heavy topics And not everybody's been through a school shooting That is a unique experience but a lot of people have been through divorce. How do you process this? And has it changed your perception of kind of life in how you see the world yeah Yeah my at the time when you're going through that you don't really realize that it's much different than everybody else. I mean. Obviously a school shooting very unique. But when you're going through it you know you don't really think much when you look back on it it's like man my high school those four three or four years really transformed to. I am today in the man. I am still you know and parents divorce. Yes was very hard you know and especially in a small town no But it's at the same time it brought Mr Ferri very close and so that that is something that always be thankful for me Mr close now. She's for years younger than me We're always kind of close But that's we're going through the divorce. Ron Us very very close together and then yeah. I mean it was not much longer after us. Kinda during actually I was senior in high school and a complete stranger walked into my high school. Didn't have any ties. The high school in took took Some female students hostage and it was very skilled obviously for everybody in the community and the state really came together but for me it was Kinda strange because or you know hard because my sister was a freshman at the time in my mom actually worked in high school too so I had basically my whole family in that high school at the time. So it hit me a little differently Because you know so much could have been taken from me that day and you know. I'll never forget. My mom was actually the one got on the intercom and said like coat white and I could hear it in my mom's voice that something was wrong. You know and the teacher remember the teacher looking at me and me looking at teacher and I could tell something often never forget stacking deaths in front of doors antiquing windows and things like that and it's it was very hard to process at the time. I remember prying but I couldn't figure out why I remember that a lot And but one of the cool things that came from it is the community. The state and the country really rallied around us And I remember we were getting. I was getting calls from people that I would never have probably talked to and they were calling in support. Never remember was a ton of money donated to my school and I remember. We had a whole classroom full. It's heady bears things like that. So it was cool to see the outpouring of love when things like that happen and how people can kind of come together and amy. I mean sometimes you can lose faith in humanity A lot actually And that was just a reminder that there are really good people out there that was. That was kind of a cool thing with everybody. Okay we did lose one female. Yeah and Yeah it was. It was really hard You know she was small school. So you kind of know everybody and was it was also very cutting credible to see. Was Her parents rally and be so strong and she they they actually. There's a emily. Keyes Foundation names than Wiki. Was Emily Keystone Dacian now and anytime you actually just did etc. Renew my license. It was kind of a weird moment where I was going through the To give new drivers license and in it it says. Would you like to donate to the emily? Keyes donor foundation Because she donated all your organs and everything and I was like. Oh my God. That's crazy that out of that. You know how many lives have been saved like heck. Yeah it was like donate donate donate so it was interesting and it was. It was just a strength that her parents showed and her family showed was also It was very inspiring. Do you do you feel like I mean how much of that there's always. I'm I'm I'm in therapy right now. And my counselor talks about there. Is this moment in every person. No matter if you're male or female or how unifies life where you see you see like there's you see the world differently become an adult innocence? You lose your night. Not Naive nece you. The I guess the the Lens of the world looks if it was this that moment for you and if not Yeah I remember. There was a moment during haven't talked about a while you get choked up. I'll never forget so when we were evacuated from the high school By SWAT teams Room by room I remember going into the. They huddled us into the gymnasium which was in a different building and held on us in gymnasium. And I remember seeing my mom and sister for the first time you know and we like ran to the middle of the Gymnasium. And it's a big group hug and it was just like in that moment it was like gosh things. Can you just ribs from ripped ripped from you so quickly and stuff asked And it's strange maybe to learn that and ice school knows at sixteen seventeen But it was definitely a moment that I will always remember like being so thankful that they weren't Ripa me and there was and then also at the same time the feeling the pain of Emily's family and how she was tremend- you know it was. It was a lot to take in. You know a sixteen seventeen is still stuff. I'm process long way and it took a while but to be so thankful that for what I have but then at the same time somebody who lost their child you know that was. That was a hard thing to deal with. You know not sixty. I'm John Member just. I remember watching CNN. And they were like you know his helicopter with my school. I remember seeing certain things happening and I remember just losing and crying and I was like crying. It was just so much process. It's are do you think Have have you ever been that scared again now? I guess that's a good point. I mean I've never really. I've never really thankfully that I've never really experienced anything like that in the there's a feeling of helplessness. Like I'll never forget that. I'll never forget the feeling of helplessness and US running from classroom classroom to try and like lock doors and fire doors have locks and you'd hear knock on the door and we'd pant you'd be like. Oh my God what's happening is we had no information So I mean it was complete Tara but also for myself but most importantly like I knew. My sister was in bat at a height that the school as well. And my mom and friends like your whole life sixteen life is in that school and so it was not only worried about yourself worried about the zoo and that was. I was really hard. Did you feel like you had like long-term effects by it like going back to school yet? I mean of course obviously like that's a life changing moment obviously Something that while enforce too many people go through to be honest now But it's I remember going back to school a couple of weeks later they can open up the school and I remember they They changed the door shuts on other room at Everything took place in and it was really eerie but also said it was. All of our students came together and the teachers and the community and everybody just as outpouring of love that I. I've never felt before or since to be honest and so it was pretty incredible. Yes it changed me and changed our community but also like a gave me hope again. You know you lose all that hope some stranger who just for no reason given to our high school but at the same time you lose hoping and same time you see all of these incredible people doing these incredible things you hope again. And that's why it's so important for people to reach out in times of need because it does make a difference coming from somebody. Who's been in it? It does make a difference the donations the teddy bears the food. Everything makes huge difference. They you're just sitting here and I'm listening to everything you're saying you know. Obviously as a kid who went to high school you experienced this and there was huge life changing effects from it. The family that lost somebody had massive life changing effects As you said like this is unfortunately not uncommon in some in the world. We live in And it also makes me think that That we all we all have a story that we all have something in our lives that marks that point in time where we realize that we're out of control we don't have control of this. We are in control of what happens next and it makes me relate and a lot of waste like what's happening now like you know a couple of weeks ago. People had job there. Couple months ago people had jobs. People were hearing rumors of a virus that was across the world Things were operating as usual as normal We were able to be with family. You know Easter is coming up and as a Christian like that's a big weekend for me. That's one of my favorite weekends. It's where I get to see my grandmother who is in her eighties that I don't get to see very often and I get to give her a hug and sit with her and just share members with her. I could see my GRANDPA. Who's in his mid nineties right now and like those eastern. These holidays are times I would make special to come back home into sit with him and I say all of this not to feel sorry for me. All all of us have a story You know all of us have a story and right now. A lot of people. Their story is being changed. Their story is being enhanced. Their story is getting more complex. Their sadness involved. There's weird ways of like new ways of looking at the world and kind of celebrating through this blake as we end this segment about your upbringing and who you are as a man leading you into One of the biggest things in your life which is crazy enough going on a reality television show for anybody out there listening once again. That's going my story. Feel so hard to understand right now like this is so scary. My world is being rocked. My world view is changing. What would you say to them? If you had your platform you had everybody. That just feels lonely and scared right. Now what would you speak into their life? Well first of all I I don't be you should be afraid. You should be scared Kind of embrace that in a way because if you fight it you know the more and more you fight It's okay to feel afraid. I have more friends who have been laid off and friends who have not right now and it's it's terrifying time In the virus itself is scary and I think like I have some friends who I recently talked to and they were like. We're.

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