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Thought you were regressed. Yeah. I actually remember what happened out there. So everything that's in the transcripts. You. Remember every bit of that too. I remember. Yeah. Before it for that though. Yeah. Okay. You had just blocked it out for a while tried not to think about it. Yeah. I think you it's natural tendency for for a person to suppress those type of things along with other things I had to suppress you on the air force. I need to get your job done time. You know, aircraft crashes are one of them. Wow. Wow. Say you don't remember all that stuff? It's you do. Right. Right. Was that Desert Storm? No, I tell you what we had planes crashing all time like tens, even at bent waters. How many we had crash, you know, they do a maneuver or something like that, you know, and bury that plane right in the ground like twenty feet. Yes. You know? That's why we had the helicopter squadron there the air rescue. If they had a dump over the North Sea or something, you know, the rescue the pilots, you know, it was stuff happens on every day work in the air force, a dangerous occupation just by by nature. Right, right. Wildcard line. Number four, Jerry out of Arkansas. Hi there. Jerry, welcome to coast to coast. How are you? Hey carney. I'm great Jim badgered is I apologize. I've been in and out of my truck tonight and might have missed it. But did you ever have the binary code looked at by somebody that knows computers to figure out what Matt? Yeah. The original one was done by five separate people to I the down in Australia. Professor in North Carolina. And then we had a binary expert from Colorado. Do we had another one from Los Angeles. Yeah. There were all independent ended apparently examined and they came up with exactly the same thing. Which was oh, it has a a somewhat of a message. And plus it has the seven co-ordinates that were. And once again, what was that message? It's doggone. It's it tells the date of origin, and which is eighty one hundred. It tells. Is of your is whatever that means. Continues for planetary advance. Expiration? Of of earth. And you you you said the earlier, you know, about maybe, you know. Dimensional beings from future, or whatever, you know. Why would they give the do some of the questions? I have like why would they give the the information in English? Yeah. Okay. So so you're gonna. Kind of hold back. Some of this info to write for a while. I'm trying to pull it out of you. Holding him back. It's just now it's about organization so you can be presented in correctly. And because we don't want anymore misinformation coming out or something that if I miss speak on it or something like that. It's not correct. I just wanted to have it. Correct. And that's why we're put it in put it in a second book. The first book is called subtitle Reynolds from the negative is called timely. And of course, we're gonna do a book to be made a pilot for. But we will it'll be a continuation of the findings of the binder. Oh, okay. All right. So that would have a message of of of earth four earth. It seems like that. That's interesting. Bill out of west of the Rockies out of Seattle high there Bill. Welcome to coast to coast. Okay. We're gonna go to. Let's see. Tim out of Sheldon, Washington. Let's do that. Hey there. Tim, welcome to Costa. I understand. Stories. I love him. And I was thinking about Albany, Oregon. I was traveling on I five in the evening. Just going south of Salem. And I saw this water tower opt to side of the road, and I measured it. My telephone poles about like four telephone poles to laughed in three telephone poles high and it had. Well, I thought it was just a new water tower somebody was build and then had lights top and bottom and then around the horrors of the horizontal parameter. And so closer I got to see that. There's it's not standing on. There's no legs things hovering now. Yeah. Cars are stopped all along. I five lights. Are you? See Rosal cars people are out on the freeway minute. Then it does a pattern on I five that goes at the same altitude that goes triangular pattern across I then wound up going to a bias on our Whiteside, then and then crosses over. And and does. Holding pattern just like the first one. But further south in so cars were all. So I'm years later. I'm describing this in two thousand and three in Montana and this girl comes up to us. And she's oh, man. I can't believe that you saw that. We that's where I'm from Albany. How can you stand? The stench the for stanch Albany, just stunk so bad. Yeah. I hold my breath going through all buzney. So I'm worth thinking, they're discussing their for politics. And not no way. I don't think. So in Salem, or for that some kind of chemical or they're wondering, why is that chemicals once his mankind dealing here with all of this sulfur? All right. So, but anyway, so this thing if it's been measured for weeks upon weeks being around that area, it might be worthwhile to research it. And that's. Reason I was thinking about it happened about around the early seventy seventy three sometime, but they said that she said people are seeing it for weeks around the area. Thank you, Tim for that. Call. So what do you think about these types of things that Jim that? I mean, there's so many sightings that people cannot just figure out when they're taking left turns and right turns and and there's no explanations for these what do you think of all this, do you think there's more happening or something else in the sky that that is with the air force or somebody else. Well, what I what I look for personally when I do a lecture or conferences, I look for the CUNY. 'cause I what I'm looking for certain signatures that were Reynolds. And if they tie in they get they get my interest right away. I look for the QNA's. And then also every once in a while I hear, you know, a counting by by somebody and. I'm fascinated by, you know, even though it might not be related in any way, shape or form the Ronaldson. It's like, well, it's there's activity going on. And it seems to be..

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