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Live from npr news in washington i'm shay stevens north korea's leader kim jong un has visited china it was his first overseas trip since taking office seven years ago from beijing npr's anthony kuhn forced the kim's visit follows north korea's agreement to hold talks with the leaders of the us and south korea be fischel new china news agency reports that kim jong un visited china at the invitation of chinese leader xi jinping the report says the visit occurred from march twenty fifth through twenty eighth and was apparently kept secret until it was over the report quotes is telling she that north korea could abandon its nuclear weapons if the us and south korea cooperate the white house says that china's government briefed on kim's visit on tuesday because of tensions over the nuclear issue china has not been willing to invite him for a visit since he took office in twenty eleven anthony kuhn npr news beijing california's orange county is join the trump administration's legal battle against a state law limiting police cooperation with federal immigration agents for member station kcrw benjamin godly reports that the decision represents the most substantial opposition from jurisdiction within california california legislature passed a series of laws protecting undocumented immigrants last year that includes one that bars local police and deputies from cooperating with federal immigration agents in most cases us attorney general jeff sessions traveled to california earlier this month to announce his lawsuit challenging that law and a couple of others the decision to joint sessions by the local board of supervisors comes at a time of great political transformation in the county orange county went for hillary clinton back in the two thousand sixteen presidential election the first time it's gone blue in decades and democrats are eyeing several reliably red congressional seats there in this year's midterms still the county's five member board of supervisors is all republican for npr news i'm benjamin gottlieb in los angeles in sacramento the city council held a community meeting tonight to hear public concerns about the police killing of a twenty two year old unarmed black man last week the forum ended earlier than planned as emotions ran high mayor darrell steinberg was disrupted by protesters including the brother of the deceased the mayor.

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