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Now, some of that was a lot of that was I think his temperament and the persona had had to do with it too though. All right. Finally, Bruce remember last week. Somebody a road in asking is it middle Tennessee or middle Tennessee State, and I kind of have jokingly said like maybe there s ideal right in. Well, he didn't but one of the other schools from conference USA did Jordan step. Yes, idea North Texas whose Email whose name shows up in my inbox pretty much every day during football season. Hey stew in Bruce. Hope you're well. Just listened to your lace up. So the won't wants pass Longwood. I know about the appropriate terminology for middle Tennessee, I have attached when he attached document. That's an official document from CompUSA to answer the question. If you're talking about the university it has middle Tennessee State university. If you're referring to the football program, it's middle Tennessee with abbreviations for stat abbreviations. Mt or Mt. Issue is definitely confusing, but we refer to them on schedules in stories on graphics as middle Tennessee, and I've never had my counterparts in Murphy's borough. Ask us to switch that up. So good. We have resolved it middle Tennessee in our world there middle Tennessee in academia, they are middle Tennessee State university. Can we get an answer on Bucharest's? That one we could probably do are you ready for March madness, my friend by the time we come back on this podcast next week brackets will be out March madness and Becky little of enough. It's the most wonderful time of the year. I will admit I've watched less college basketball this year than at any point since I became a sports fan. But I'm still looking forward to the tournament. And I'm not so our audience is not listening to us for college basketball. No, we will not kneel not shower. You would I don't do bracket Taj anymore. I think when I did we would occasionally I would occasionally pop up on here. And then a couple of weeks I'll be hitting the road for spring football. I know you will as well. So it'll be cool to get out there and see some teams and be able to report some actual firsthand nuggets. Here back on the podcast for it's to what's the mail bag address. You tell me my let's see if you forgot you want to see if I forgotten the mailbag I address it's the audible pod at gmaiLcom. Good ones. Do. Okay. We'll see you next time. If you haven't done so already please subscribed. The audible on apple podcast Google play. Spotify. Wherever you get your podcast, leave us a five star review while you're at it. It helps get the word out. Thanks to trader Joe's being are presenting sponsor, our producer is Nick think our theme song is dangerous by Kevin in the octave. You can download their music on I tunes. Spotify. Follow me stew at S. L Mandel on

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