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And that's why stay Austin picked up a camera, and I'm sure you remember the superstar. And he just went on and on on it. It's just gold. But like that's when I was like, yeah, why mart? Boys, everybody. I'm gonna pick up a camera, so I just picked up a camera and then started this is thing with skull, and then it was everywhere always booked. I just made up a scenario is too. 'cause you know what happens when you on a show and he's like, it's universities you in a this is just happening match. Right? Like I bought these guys, they're on the car, but I was making things creatively as to why this is happening and absolutely destroying the vice to the point. I remember argued one when no of golf and address disease, and goofy teeth took took a piss out in so bad that when we got to the building Noma never been vice before. But as soon as you won't came 'cause people seeing this YouTube video, people were white in fame to kick mass and he did, but that's what it was just to try and talk them into the building, somewhat, hey, with sold at brother. One hundred fifty who. What that's chain. Well, ended has changed the fact that you can actually have storylines going into India vents now, instead of just like people having to remember the month before, okay, what happened? You can actually further it along with all of these social media platforms, incredible ice to Senate always still the era. When I started sending that the chess types the now it's just a YouTube link y, you always just it. It's very rewarding. The gifts this -ocial of given the industry. It's just, you know, like especially if they just trying to get work because he is a hog left really is a hog GRA. Classrooms helping. The only danger I feel is that you you, you get the five second, all my God reaction instead of actually seeing if somebody can too, you know, can work can, like you said, garner sympathy can do all of these things just in a gift foreign, you know, and I'm worried that people work to try and get a gift that get scene or something. It's like a talked to Billy Corgan about his music being put on. I tunes and he's like, I'm I'm trying to get people to buy an album and their, you know, judging it off thirty seconds. Yeah, I turn my nose. Is it always involves one falling for right on On the. a lot of time. It's like some people. What are these gives catch fire and this person can actually work. That's all been that remember forty. So anyway, I digress. But so, okay, so rockstar spud is born. He's a virgin and. Now he's now taking the British wrestling world by storm with his virginity. What happens from..

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