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Guys and you basically for the cavs needle brandi go for thirty five yeah irving to go for thirty and at love has to as to factor into the into the 20s for them to have a chance but i also think that defense for golden state was just suffocating and it could have been a lot worse early because how many bunnies do they miss to open a lot here whoa kevin love someone mentioned this to me today and i didn't even realize it watching that game kevin love had 21 revalues yeah i mean fifteen twenty one let's be honest how much better kenny play right you know what am going straight yes sophie scores 25 is probably only going to get twelve rebounds and you look at the plusminus of lubrani i mean he was out there twenty is monies 22 they have one guy that was plus no night helen levels minus eleven tryst in thompson man that guy he acted like he really didn't even show oh oh cairo serving minus seventeen woo who was the best dante john's minusone where's if you pull a guy like you look at the warriors and you pull a guy like you know klay thompson he he's going to have a plus every night because he's so good defensively right you know he's he's pretty versatile and then you know it's it's they got kerry was a twenty yeah an kevin duran i mean he had thirty eight points and was just unstoppable lessening the did you see the play the other place a you mentioned the inbound play from stuff over to k d but there was also a play were steph curry ended up on his behind on the on the floor lebrun had the ball and he went to pass it and stuff got his hands on radio like bronze us doesn't do those things no right like he just doesn't he doesn't do those things and i don't wanna say because abroad did he look slow too you yeah yeah i mean he looked a step slow and once they game kinda transpired he was like this is i mean this is how it's going to be denied and and in the warriors have our number tonight and and wolf finish this went out you know down twenty in the third quarter it's tough to come back from that i didn't really see that that extra flight.

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