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Liberal Gamino bar owners across the state of Arizona have come together to file a lawsuit against Governor Doug Ducey following his order to close down bars due to the pandemic. The court filing is with the state Supreme Court is your law Professor Ellen Woman is representing the bar owners and contents. The authority for loss comes from the Legislature. Governor, you have the legislative power. You have the police power do whatever you want, And that statute is unconstitutional and if the statute is on constant You feel that the executive orders that were issued under it are also unconstitutional. Jim's our also shut down by the governor filed a suit in court and lost with a ruling in favor of the governor. Phoenix Mayor Cake Diego claims abroad So health is nearly out of morgue space and is requesting from the Maricopa County Health Department. Extra refrigerators storage, she tells our TV partners at ABC, 15 near capacity, So we are miracles at county, public health, and others are really looking at everything they can do. However, brazo health tells key TA are they only asked for the extra storage in case off a surgeon patients? They say it's part of its protocol when they activated its emergency plans. You might not have to wait as long to get tested and to see your results for covert 19 thanks to our new partnership, Bison or request laboratories. The hope is to process 35,000 covert 19 tests per day by the end of this month in 60,000 by the end of August, turnaround time for test will also go from 7 to 10 days to 24 hours. K D A R eyes on education. A new survey shows how teachers feel about the way distance learning went when schools had to close for the pandemic. It finds many teachers didn't feel prepared for online learning work more hours per week and often struggled to contact their students. Now for a check on traffic..

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