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My praise him for scored eight points and five minutes yeah he done nothing they review six game wait a second by the white going into this last series kevin love led the whole playoffs and rebounds that's is that something okay going to that's what's he doing coming out of interesting coming out of it where was he what was he in game six and seven scale where would you be without him where would you be you'd be watching if you don't mind me guy would be watching i disagree because they play without it for twenty three games how do they look you got lebron james you go now yeah what what happened in those days he had thirty eight boys before he checked out okay and had indiana gone away despite his no it's a one point did indiana go away the whole series while they didn't until that five minutes strike about it what made it so spectacular jordi plus ten and nine hundred vogel wait you got actually a break that kevin love god bless concussed he got concussed and all sudden jeff green who lebrons seems to trust far more than he trust kevin love he loves jeff green who at the big shot that turned the tide against we'll have a big shock just take leaving elite in jeopardy hit a corner so you got him in your starting lineup by fate by faint okay let's just say this let's just say this okay of the tim plans that's going to start the tip off how many of them not lame lebron the cavaliers going to be in the starting five so you got those kids starters and you pick and five team five five five star of the ten is gonna start tim how medium cavaliers and how many warriors that's why they call it an upset but who's going to be the first pick in that draft lebron thank you get to play at one time in basketball five what one game can be dominated and change by one man any other game game basketball i'm getting are those.

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