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Fifteen twenty north going a boulevard in the city the los angeles they instore event then up doing a big instore makes you be there friday at urban outfit is a big gorgeous gave the address that may have sale teen twenty north kuwait of what you know woman nsa at four pm even when you just do fan love they show up now know my fans my fans i love jerry can you imagine if we had like the remedy em show what was it they are el diario can you imagine what the new york streets will look light work kelly the insane grateful trl on abby guy that'd be inclement maybe we're going to bring it back assume bringing it back they're like one day some may because i live at you like all yeah yeah yeah yeah you know five o'clock fan low end you get out and people are there are when you do it instore like you do on at urban outfitters it's crazy because people show up and what i like to add some but sometimes aim especially when we sat down the last time the one thing i as pe we had the audience in front of us he'd who had to be at work today in their hands ago if we had to be at school today as they made a plane it medic coming hang out with you that same way tomorrow and that's why make sure i sign every autograph take every pitch it possibly can and you know i'm there for forty six and i got to be from forty seven then i do what i gotta do clear sir wayne to the next person after you've got to show up somewhere apologize m one a little late because i asked you couldn't walk out as this is the way i am in i really have a great connection with my fans saying men on how no great form thank in la loves you do not understand we and we know that man so may see guys come out to mara urban outfitted space fifteen twenty s fifteen twenty north korean go boulevard in los angeles that's an answer event is going down van love their starts at four p m and i'm pretty sure it is our lining up a lot earlier man but makes you come.

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